Best Foods: Kale

Well I tried to go on a hike this morning but slept-in a bit so when I got to the trail-head there was no parking anywhere for a mile so had a nice little drive in the mountains but no hike. I figure this would be a perfect time to start the food section of my blog. What a better place to start than with the 5 best things about Kale:





5. IF you take the K off it spells ale. Ale is good.

There you have the best 5 things about Kale and good test for my first food addition to the page.

3 thoughts on “Best Foods: Kale”

    1. I like kale. Just had some with my lunch. I find it settles my stomach more than any other food. I like it sauteed with sliced shallots. If all you know is raw kale, I suggest giving it a try steamed or sauteed. I’m a vegan, and I know it’s easy to make fun of us, since we’re a small minority. But as a fellow fat guy trying to hike more and eat more healthy foods, I’m interested in reading your positive tips, and I hope you’ll consider my point of view too.

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