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Paint Mines Interpretive Park Loop

A bit of National Park feel in a small park in Colorado, the Paint Mine Interpretive Park is full of beauty, wonder, and painted rocks.

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An Index of all the hikes I have done so far. Find your next hike or live vicariously and see some of the amazing pictures of nature.


What is a Fatman page without some of the best food to be found close to a great hike. I try to eat at local restaurants and want to share them with you!


My posts that are more of a blog and don’t fit a category. The very popular “Screw It I’m Trying” can be found as well the Getting Started Series.

Fat Man Little Trail the Podcast

If you are looking for even more FatMan you can now listen to the podcast!

Winter Hikes and Winter Gear Fat Man Little Trail

I recently took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw so many visitors ill prepared for hiking in the winter weather.  People were slipping on the snow and ice of the trails and didn't seem to be dressed properly for the blustery conditions.  I wanted to do a quick podcast of some of the tips I have learned in my year of hiking in the mountains of Colorado in the winter.  Plus a hike of the week that really had my legs shaking. #hiking #nature #outdoors #weather #winter #hikinggear #hikes #colorado #winterhiking #adventure #explore — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fatmanlittletrail/support
  1. Winter Hikes and Winter Gear
  2. Adventure on Us with John and Erica
  3. National Park Capable
  4. First Moose Sightings Other Wildlife Musings
  5. The first Night Hike and Fall Colors
  6. Hiking with Kids with RaisingHikers.com founder Kristin Tillack
  7. 14er's and recovery with Physical Therapist Cristin McGetrick
  8. Living a Legend Life after 40 with Guest Damian Geleyns
  9. Change of Plans
  10. Rocky Mountains and Estimations

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