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Utah Hiking

Utah Hiking

Utah has some of the most amazing national parks in the country and there is some great places to enjoy Utah Hiking.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a very popular park with some of the most impressive rock formations in the world. There are several hiking trails available and many of the formations can be seen from the car or from parking areas. This was my first stop on my Utah Hiking trip and it was simply unbelievable.

  • Arches In Winter

    Arches In Winter

    Arches can be crowded and hot all summer but Arches in Winter is completely different experience pairing red rocks, snow and less people.

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  • Park Avenue Trail

    Park Avenue Trail

    The Park Avenue Trail at Arches National Park is a great introduction to the park with some magnificent views of the red rock formations.

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  • Arches National Park

    Arches National Park

    Arches National Park is one of the most impressive national parks around. The arches and rock formations will fill you with wonder and awe.

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  • The Arches

    The Arches

    The biggest draw of Arches National Park is, of course, the Arches! Here is a breakdown of nine arches I found fascinating.

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  • Delicate Arch

    Delicate Arch

    Delicate Arch is one of the most stunning arches at Arches National Park. It rests in an improbably place that is worth the hike up to.

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  • Devils Garden – Arches NP

    Devils Garden – Arches NP

    The Devils Garden hike at Arches National Park is one of the most popular and majestic hikes ever with 8 arches viewable but its challenging!

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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is another of the very popular national parks in Utah. The hoodoos that call this park home are like walking through an ancient city just waiting to be explored. One of my favorite times in all of my Utah Hiking trips was seeing the sunrise over the Queen Garden.


Canyonlands National Park is enormous. I almost think that it was bigger than the Grand Canyon and just as scenic! There was so much to do at this park that I didn’t even know where to begin. Except the sunrise at Mesa Arch was a perfect start. I did a lot of Canyonlands from the car because of the sheer size of it and how spread out it is. I did manage a few hikes though!

Capitol Reef

I thought Capitol Reef was the most underrated park I visited in my entire trip of Utah hiking. The park isn’t quite as busy as some of the others but still plenty of people. What made it special was that in the middle of this red and white rock there was an orchard and stream! Plus, it still had all the rock formations you could ask for just in a smaller scale.

Park City/Salt Lake City

Park City is a popular area for winter sports but the summer reveals some amazing hiking trails!

  • Gloria Falls, Utah

    Gloria Falls, Utah

    Gloria Falls is a fifty foot falls located in Little Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. The high water made for wonderful hike.

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  • Donut Falls

    Donut Falls

    Donut Falls, In Big Cottonwood Canyon, is an enjoyable and popular hike that can get a bit challenging in the wet season. A review.

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  • Brighton Lakes

    Brighton Lakes

    The Brighton Lakes trail takes you above the Brighton ski area to several mountain lakes on a trail full of great views.

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Central Utah

There are some gems in central Utah.

  • Gordon Creek Falls, Utah

    Gordon Creek Falls, Utah

    Gordon Creek Falls is a hidden gem in central Utah that is good for most skill levels and ends at a wonderful waterfall.

Emery County

The Little Wildhorse canyon was the most intense slot canyon that I tried during my time of Utah Hiking. I say tried because I didn’t make it to far into the canyon before my nerves got the best of me.

  • Little Wild Horse Canyon

    Little Wild Horse Canyon

    Little Wild Horse Canyon is a visually stunning slot canyon located in central Utah. The walls are steep and narrow and it is a great hike.

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Garfield County

Even some of the more remote area’s of Utah can provide some historical perspective. While I was driving across the state I saw a sign on the side of the road for Butch Cassidy’s childhood home. While it wasn’t a hike it was still a nice piece of Americana.

Southern Utah Hikes

Southern Utah has some amazing landscapes and some real gems when it comes to the outdoors.

  • Natural Bridges National Monument

    Natural Bridges National Monument

    Natural Bridges National Monument near Lake Powell Utah is home to three impressive natural bridge rock formations and other unique geology.

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  • Lloyds Lake

    Lloyds Lake

    Lloyds Lake is a small lake in Monticello, Utah with a smooth walking trail and a some wonderful views of the surrounding Abajo Mountains.

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