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FMLT the Podcast

Can’t get enough Fat Man Little Trail? Well now you can hear him on a podcast, for better or worse.

Explore, Hike, Teach with Miriam Fat Man Little Trail

This week on the Podcast we Explore, Hike and teach with Miriam. Miriam is an educator and hiker from Utah who does a tremendous job of helping others explore the trails. We talk about what got her into hiking in the first place, some of her favorite places to go and more!  #hiking #adventure #outdoors #trekking #podcast #outdoorspodcast #hikingpodcast #explore #nature #wander — Support this podcast:
  1. Explore, Hike, Teach with Miriam
  2. Table To Trail: Plant Based Recipes for Day Hikers with Marty Cowan
  3. Hiking Alone not Lonely Hiking
  4. Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Donations from the Colorado Lottery with Director Tom Seaver
  5. Hiking challenges and 13 Hikes.

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Episode 212: Explore, Hike, Teach with Miriam

This week on the Podcast we Explore, Hike and teach with Miriam. Miriam is an educator and hiker from Utah who does a tremendous job of helping others explore the trails. We talk about what got her into hiking in the first place, some of her favorite places to go and more!

Episode 211: Table To Trail Plant Based Recipes for Day Hikers with Marty Cowan

Finding good food to take with you on a hike can always be a challenge. Trail Mix and energy bars can only go so far. Marty Cowan is trying to change that. She wrote the book – Table to Trail: Plant Based Meals for Day Hikers. This book focuses on easily transportable meals you can cook ahead and have a nice picnic out on the trails. We talk about the book, having a plant based diet, and what motivated Marty to make some lifestyle changes and how she has stuck to the plan for over a decade. A really fun conversation. You can purchase her book here:

Episode 210: Hiking Alone not Lonely Hiking

Hiking can be a great activity with friends or a truly satisfying solo adventure. This week on the podcast I go over one of my blogs, Hiking Alone Not Lonely Hiking. I have spent a lot of time on the trail by myself and it is an amazing feeling that might be perfect for some. The contrast to life in a busy city to a quiet and still trail are always something I have enjoyed. That and the Hike of the week in this weeks podcast.

Episode 209: Colorado Outdoor Recreation and the Colorado Lottery

Most people who enjoy Outdoor Recreation in Colorado don’t realize how much of what they enjoy is actually funded by the Colorado Lottery. I spoke with the Director of the lottery, Tom Seaver, about the unique program that has provided BILLIONS of dollars for outdoor organizations throughout Colorado. We talk about the program itself and a fraction of the projects that it is currently helping to fund. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the lands that we all enjoy from playgrounds to state parks have been supported by this project. A very fun and informative interview.

Episode 208: Hiking Challenges and 13 Hikes

Hiking and Lifestyle challenges have become and important motivating factor in people’s health and wellness journey. For some people dedicating a day every week may be a bit much. There is anew option to help keep you motivated on a smaller scale, 13 hikes is a hiking challenge and outdoor community geared at keeping people motivated to achieve their goals of increasing their mental and physical health.

Episode 207: A Thousand Summers

As summer comes closer kids begin to get excited for camp but not every kid will be able to afford it. Each year A Thousand Summers offers “camperships”, or scholarships, to allow children in need the chance to get to outdoor camps. I spoke with Alyssa Street, who is the Development Director for A Thousand Summers, about the program and what you can do to help a child that might need help making it to camp. For more information check out

Episode 206: Waiting to Inhale

I have been off for a bit recovering from shoulder surgery and I have been missing the outdoors. I spent the time recovering and did some writing on my website I wanted to take a moment to check in and read to you one of my recent posts as well as talk about one of my favorite hikes in the hike of the week segment.

Episode 205: A couple of “Hefty Hikers” with Nelson Holland from TikTok: Fatblackandgettinit

This week on the Podcast I talk with Nelson Holland. Nelson, a New York native, moved to Colorado and began a hiking program and started watching the pounds fall off. We talked about our favorite hikes, the challenges of being a Hefty Hiker, what hiking means to both mental and physical health. I had a great time talking with Nelson the first time and we are already planning on doing some hikes together. If you enjoy this podcast make sure to like and share and if you would like to support the podcast here is the link and thank you!

Episode 204: Backcountry Safety with Anna from Summit County Rescue Group

Hiking and outdoor recreation can be dangerous but there are simple ways to lessen the risks. Anna volunteers with the Summit County Rescue Group, one of the teams tasked with finding backcountry recreationists when things go bad. We talk about tips on how to stay safe, warning signs of danger, and the fact that many of the teams that are coming to help you are volunteers. If you like to recreate in the outdoors this is one podcast you don’t want to miss. Anna wasn’t able to have video for the podcast because she was just too busy but the information is so important I had to put the video together to make sure that people have the information. Some more information that we talk about in the hike can be found here:
Summit County Rescue Group:
Colorado Avalanche Information Center:
Colorado Search and Rescue:
If you travel in the backcountry or no someone who does please take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and please share and send it to someone to help keep them safe! I have been on about 200 hikes in the backcountry and I still learned a ton from talking with Anna!

Episode 203: A chat with my favorite Canadian: Tia on the Trail!

This week on the Podcast I talk to Tia from Tia spent time working on a glacier, mushing some sled dogs and plenty of nights on thru hikes. I also ask Tia about the differences between hiking in Canada and the US and if it is true that everyone in Canada knows Ryan Reynolds. It is a fun time with one of my favorite podcast authors.

Episode 202: Musician Adam Harris Thompson

Adam Harris Thompson is a singer/songwriter and lover of the outdoors.  His travels have taken him around the country and helped to inspire the songs he performs. We talk about hiking, singing at the grand canyon, a little bit about the music business and Adam even sings a couple of songs!    A great conversation and some great music!  Note: I had some internet problems and a couple of glitches in the recording but the podcast was going so well that it was worth it to keep going!

Episode 201: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Season two of the podcast is upon us.  This first podcast of 2022 I discuss some of the accomplishments of 2021 and some of the things I am looking forward to in 2022.  Plus, this weeks hike of the week.

Exploring Europe Solo with Yaz from The Strawberry Snaps

A lot of people are looking to make a trip to Europe but might be hesitant because they don’t want to travel alone. Or are looking to travel around the states but are not sure about traveling alone. This week I spoke to Yaz who hosts the website Yaz has been travelling solo in Europe for awhile now and has some tips to make it the best trip possible. Travel tips plus her favorite Thanksgiving dish and Yaz turns the table on me and asks me some rapid fire questions.

Episode 23 – 52 Hike Challenge Co-Founder, Karla

The 52 Hike Challenge is a wonderful way to stay motivated and keep yourself accountable when starting a hiking program. I am a two time finisher and the program helped me a lot to stick to my goal. I was very excited to talk to the CO-Founder of the 52 Hike Challenge, Karla, about what the challenge is, how to join, and some of the added benefits that one can find from hiking. If you are looking to get a jump on News Years resolutions or just hope to be inspired to be a bit more active this is the interview to listen to!

Episode 22 – Winter Hikes and Winter Gear

I recently took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw so many visitors ill prepared for hiking in the winter weather. People were slipping on the snow and ice of the trails and didn’t seem to be dressed properly for the blustery conditions. I wanted to do a quick podcast of some of the tips I have learned in my year of hiking in the mountains of Colorado in the winter. Plus a hike of the week that really had my legs shaking.

Episode 21 – John and Erica with Adventure On Us

I have met John and Erica through Instagram and have always enjoyed following them. Well talking to them was like talking to old friends. We talked about their experience hiking the John Muir trail, how hiking has improved their mental health, and the company they founded, Adventure On Us and how they are giving back to the hiking community. #hiking #podcast #johnmuir #outdoors #leavenotrace #thruhiking #adventure #explore #nature

Episode 20 – Amanda with National Park Capable

If you are looking to be inspired look no further. I was able to speak with Amanda Powell of the upcoming website National Park Capable. Amanda, who has Cerebral Palsy, has a goal of hiking all of the countries National Parks and putting together a website of accessible hikes for those who might need a bit of assistance. She truly shows that the outdoors should be enjoyed by everyone!

Episode 19 – The First Moose and Other Wildlife Musings

Have you ever thought back to your excitement in seeing an animal in the wild for the first time? I took a trip with my Cousin and watched her react to seeing a moose for the first time and it was fun if not a little painful for me. That story and my favorite animal around plus another good fall hike for my Colorado friends in this weeks podcast.

Episode 18 – The First Night Hike and Fall Colors

I have done some morning hikes where the sun was coming up but I decided to give hiking at sun set a shot.  It gets dark quick!  I learned some very valuable lessons on my first hike in the dark but it ended up better than it started!  Also, in this weeks hike of the week I talk about an easy way to find some fall colors if you live in Colorado.

Episode 17 – Raising Hikers with Kristin Tillack

This week on the Podcast I jump into a topic that I know very little about, hiking with kids!  My guest Kristin runs the website, and has some great advice and tips on hitting the trails with the younger ones in tow.  I certainly learned a lot and hope you do as well.

Episode 16 – 14ers and Recover with Physical Therapist Cristin McGetrick

I sat down with Physical Therapist Cristin McGetrick and we discussed the differences between working out at sea level and at altitude. She gives some advice, that she forgets to take, on hiking Colorado’s Iconic 14ers and how to prep and recover from strenuous exercise.

Episode 15 – Living the Best life after 40 with Damian Geleyns

This week in the Podcast I got to chat with Damian Geleyns who is the inspiring guy behind the website  Damian lives a life full of adventure and inspires many others as well! We talk about what motivated him to begin his active lifestyle, his goal and mission with Legend Life after 40, his new book, and his new project to help motivate other to live their best life, the 52 experiences challenge. I hope you join us for a bit of inspiration and good living vibes! 

Episode 14 – Change of Plans

It is important to be prepared when you go out on a hike or any outdoor adventure, but some times those plans have to change.  No matter the reason it is important to be prepared with a back up plan.  Sometimes that means not finishing a goal because it isn’t safe. Sometimes you try and you fail a goal and that’s OK.

Episode 13 – Rocky Mountain and Estimations

I took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park and saw some wildlife but I’m not sure if it actually counts.  Plus, I discuss estimations on hikes and why everything always seems to be a half mile away.  Finally, the hike of the week takes us to Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Episode 12 – How to Identify and Avoid Bad Weather on the trail.

I had the opportunity to talk to Meteorologist Matt Makens about how to plan for, spot, and react to weather situations while out in nature.  Matt has some great advice on how to make you safer in the outdoors.

Episode 11 Permit Systems and Hoodoos

With more and more parks moving towards a timed entry or reservation system I thought I would give you my opinions on that.  I also have a new hike of the week.  This time making our way to Bryce Canyon and some of the wonders there.

Episode 10 – The Return of the Podcast

After a bit of a hiatus I have returned to the podcast.  I talk briefly about my hiatus, my favorite hike of the week, The 52 Hike Challenge that is so special and motivating to me, and I have a suggestion for a blog that the east coasters might enjoy.

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