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Getting Start Tips: Backpack Basics

Whether you are just starting out or been hiking awhile, finding the right pack is essential. I spoke with Osprey about some Backpack Basics.

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An Index of all the hikes I have done so far. Find your next hike or live vicariously and see some of the amazing pictures of nature.


What is a Fatman page without some of the best food to be found close to a great hike. I try to eat at local restaurants and want to share them with you!


My posts that are more of a blog and don’t fit a category. The very popular “Screw It I’m Trying” can be found as well the Getting Started Series.

Fat Man Little Trail the Podcast

If you are looking for even more FatMan you can now listen to the podcast!

A chat with musician Adam Harris Thompson Fat Man Little Trail

Adam Harris Thompson is a singer/songwriter and lover of the outdoors.  His travels have taken him around the country and helped to inspire the songs he performs. We talk about hiking, singing at the grand canyon, a little bit about the music business and Adam even sings a couple of songs!    A great conversation and some great music!  Note: I had some internet problems and a couple of glitches in the recording but the podcast was going so well that it was worth it to keep going! #music #hiking #outdoors #nature #adventure #explore #singer #songwriter — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fatmanlittletrail/support
  1. A chat with musician Adam Harris Thompson
  2. Looking Back and Looking Forward New Years Style
  3. Exploring Europe Solo with Yaz from TheStrawberrySnaps.com
  4. A chat with 52 Hike Challenge Co-Founder, Karla
  5. Winter Hikes and Winter Gear
  6. Adventure on Us with John and Erica
  7. National Park Capable
  8. First Moose Sightings Other Wildlife Musings
  9. The first Night Hike and Fall Colors
  10. Hiking with Kids with RaisingHikers.com founder Kristin Tillack

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