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Check out all the Hikes!

An Index of all the hikes I have done so far. Find your next hike or live vicariously and see some of the amazing pictures of nature.


Check out all the great local food

What is a Fatman page without some of the best food to be found close to a great hike. I try to eat at local restaurants and want to share them with you!


A photo of Fatmanlittletrail contemplating while watching the sunset.
Check out all the random thoughts from along the way

My posts that are more of a blog and don’t fit a category. The very popular “Screw It I’m Trying” can be found as well the Getting Started Series.

Getting Started Tips

Getting Start Tips: Backpack Basics
Whether you are just starting out or been hiking awhile, finding the …
Getting Started Tips: Drinking Water Safety-UV
Drinking Water Safety is very important on a hike. I spoke with …
Getting Started Tips: Best Hydration and Snacks
The hydration and snacks you bring on a hike can make a …
Getting Started Tips: Diet and exercise programs
If you only read one diet and exercise blog this year it …
Getting Started TIps: Exercises to Start Hiking
Starting out can be the hardest part. In the first part of …
Getting Started Tips: Fall Weather
Hiking in the fall can be beautiful but the weather can change …
Gear Reviews

Product Review: Kuhl Engineered Shirts
There are a ton of options when it comes to hiking shirts. …
Product Review: Osprey Daylite Sling pack
With one arm injured I looked at finding a single strap backpack …
Product Review: Fox River Socks
Looking for the best hiking socks is always a challenge. I reviewed …
Product Review: Kodiak Stave Hiking Boot
The Kodiak Stave Hiking Boot is a waterproof hiker with an eco-considered …
Product Review: Kuhl Kove Travel Rucksack
The Kuhl Kove Travel bag has the classic style and functionality of …
Review: Kuhl Revolvr Hiking Pants
I have always been a fan of Kuhl Pants while on the …

Fat Man Little Trail the Podcast

If you are looking for even more FatMan you can now listen to the podcast!

Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Donations from the Colorado Lottery with Director Tom Seaver Fat Man Little Trail

Most people who enjoy Outdoor Recreation in Colorado don't realize how much of what they enjoy is actually funded by the Colorado Lottery.  I spoke with the Director of the  lottery, Tom Seaver, about the unique program that has provided BILLIONS of dollars for outdoor organizations throughout Colorado.  We talk about the program itself and a fraction of the projects that it is currently helping to fund.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much of the lands that we all enjoy from playgrounds to state parks have been supported by this project.  A very fun and informative interview.  #outdoors #outdoorrecreation #nature #colorado #hiking #podcast #interview #parks #playgrounds  #coloradolottery — Support this podcast:
  1. Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Donations from the Colorado Lottery with Director Tom Seaver
  2. Hiking challenges and 13 Hikes.
  3. A Thousand Summers
  4. Waiting to Inhale
  5. A Couple of "Hefty Hikers" with Nelson Holland from TikTok's Fatblackandgettinit
  6. Backcountry safety with Anna from Summit County Rescue Group
  7. Episode 203 Talking with my favorite Canadian – Tia on the Trail
  8. A chat with musician Adam Harris Thompson
  9. Looking Back and Looking Forward New Years Style
  10. Exploring Europe Solo with Yaz from

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