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Arizona Hiking

Arizona Hiking

Hiking in Arizona was a real surprise to me. Not only did I run into some snow which I wasn’t expecting, but the rock formations rivaled Colorado in beauty and uniqueness. Here is an index of some hikes I did in Arizona.

Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park was not exactly what I was expecting. It is a big park, with a lot of time spent in the car between features, but the painted rocks, the petrified trees, and the history made the park an enjoyable experience.

Northern Arizona

This was a real shock to me. As someone who was making their first trip to Arizona I was not expecting pine trees and snow! Also, my first trip to the Grand Canyon was stunning, especially at sunrise.

  • Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail

    Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail

    Kendrick Park Watchable Wildlife Trail was a nice easy hike in northern Arizona. The trail has mountain views, forests and prairies.

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  • Ooh Aah Point

    Ooh Aah Point

    Ooh Aah Point is one of the shorter hikes into the Grand Canyon. The views of descending into the canyon are spectacular and all around.

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  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe bend in Arizona is one of the most iconic pictures that you have probably seen on social media. In person it is even more amazing.

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Phoenix Area

The Phoenix area was more of what I thought of when I thought of Arizona Hiking. It was where I found my first cactus and had the dry arid features that were surprising beautiful to me. If you are looking for a bit of entertainment you can try to hike through Fat Man’s Pass. It didn’t go to well for this Fatman!

  • Mormon Loop to National Loop Trail

    Mormon Loop to National Loop Trail

    The Mormon Loop to National Loop trail is a challenging hike with a big elevation gain to start. It is also home to the famous Fat Man’s Pass.

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  • Freedom Trail (#302)

    Freedom Trail (#302)

    The Freedom Trail (#302) in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve is a nice trail around the perimeter of Piestewa Peak but was still a challenge.

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Sedona was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I really had no idea what to expect when my friend suggested I stop there but I liked it so much I changed my plans to stop a second time on my way to Phoenix. A lovely place you have to add to your list for Arizona Hiking.

  • Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

    Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

    Meteor Crater National Landmark is one of the largest craters in the world. It is an educational experience with great views of the giant hole.

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  • Yavapai Vista Trail

    Yavapai Vista Trail

    Yavapai Vista trail south of Sedona is a short, easy and popular hike that is surrounded with amazing views of the surrounding Red Rocks.

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  • Broken Arrow Trail

    Broken Arrow Trail

    The Broken Arrow trail in Sedona is a moderate trail with beautiful, unobstructed view of the surrounding cliffs. One of my favorite trails.

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  • Cathedral Rock

    Cathedral Rock

    Sedona’s Cathedral Rock is a short, steep and somewhat technical hike up large rock formations. The views of the surrounding area are great.

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