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I’m glad you stopped by! I’ve struggled with weight for awhile now and recently gained a bunch and was too embarrassed to get out and explore the state. So I started taking simple hikes. I’ll be honest, I got way out of shape after an injury and it was a struggle but I was determined so I just kept walking. What I learned was that if you are tired and out of breath, you might as well look around and enjoy the moment, especially if you can’t enjoy breathing right then. So I started stopping and taking pictures to hide the fact I needed to catch my breath and I realized a couple of things. First, I can’t believe I haven’t explored this beautiful state enough. Second, who cares that I’m out of shape and embarrassed. I go at my own pace and now I have a ton of pictures to share with anyone out there who was like me and sitting on the couch. Maybe it inspires someone, maybe not but it got me out of the house! Plus, now I have a great excuse to catch my breath even more with more picture breaks! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on new places for me to hike!

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