The Gem Steakhouse and Saloon – Deadwood

No tour of places that you heard of on the HBO show Deadwood would be complete without a trip to the Gem. I am not sure if anything can connect today’s current version to the version on the show but I went anyway for breakfast on my last day in Deadwood. The Gem Steakhouse is on the second floor of the Mineral Palace Hotel and Casino. The inside isn’t flashy at all and I didn’t really see any decor that would point it toward a historic tie but the found was good and very reasonably priced.

I ordered the “Charlie Utter Campfire Breakfast” which came with two pancakes about the size of my head (very large) scrambled eggs and 3 strips of bacon. I’m not sure if they cooked the food in a cast iron skillet or added some liquid smoke or what but the food actually tasted like it was cooked on a campfire. While pancakes, eggs and bacon are about the most vanilla of breakfast orders I could have chosen, the food tasted fresh and the price couldn’t be beat. $6.95 for all this food.

A very large serving of pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon on the plate.

While the Gem didn’t take me back to the 1870’s the food was good and plentiful and it is definitely a bucket list item for HBO fans traveling to Deadwood. If you are in the area give them a shot.

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