Old Capitol Grill – Golden

After the White Ranch hike I was hungry. It was over 6 miles and over 1000 feet of elevation gain so I needed something good so I found myself in downtown Golden at the Old Capitol Grill. I had been here before so it wasn’t much new about it except for the fact that it was the first time I have been able to sit at the actual restaurant and eat which was a nice change. The servers and hosts were all in gloves and masks and we sat outside and there was an empty table next to us for social distancing. It felt as safe as they could make it. One of the cool things that the Grill was doing that I hadn’t seen at all places I have stopped at recently is offering “heat and eat” meals. Instead of traditional take out that you would have to eat immediately while warm they have options to take home and warm up later to enjoy.

Now to the food. First off they had fried pickles and who doesn’t like a good fried pickle after a long hike. What I liked about the pickles is that they were not overly breaded. It was a very light breading so the taste of the pickle really was the dominate flavor and you didn’t feel like you ate a pound of grease.

Image of the fried pickles appetizer served at the Capital Grill in Golden Colorado

Now for the main dish it was a pulled pork sandwich for me. It came on a hoagie bun and had the coleslaw on top of it, which is how I like it but not everyone’s favorite. The meat was cooked well and the coleslaw gave it a nice contrasting flavor. I could have used some more bar-b-q sauce on the sandwich itself. The server brought me some extra but with the slaw already on top I couldn’t really add it. It was good and I ate it quick.

Image of the pulled pork sandwich served at Capital Grill in Golden Colorado

While we ate on the patio because it was a really nice day, the building itself was really cool and was built in the 1860’s. Back in the 1870’s it acted as the capital building for Colorado as the leaders of the territory set the details that made Colorado an actual state. So its a cool place to visit and have lunch and the food was tasty and hit the spot after a long hike. If you are ever in Golden give these guys a shot.

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