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After the Alderfer/3 sisters hike it was time for some grub. I hadn’t spent much time in downtown Evergreen although it always looked really cool when I drove through. Today I decided to stop and check out the old buildings and try to find something with a local flavor. Some people I saw on the street recommended that I check out the Bait Shack. The Bait Shack is on the north side of Bear Creek road where routes 74 and 73 split. There isn’t much in the way of parking but there is parking on the other side of Bear Creek that you can use and then walk across the creek. Also, it is pretty much the last building of the strip of shops on the north side of the street.

Upon entering the door you have to walk up a flight of what seemed like 100,000,000 stairs after hiking but was really just 1 flight. The second floor is home to a cozy bar with a small outdoor patio connected. The decor of the bar took me back to the days I hung around Florida on Spring break. The inside looked like any number of bars you would find on a beach with old Schmidt beer cans and fishing trophies and memorabilia on the walls. It was a pretty cool feel for a mountain bar to have such an island feel.

The important part, the food. I ordered some chips and salsa to get started. Salsa was good, it was thicker than most and easily scoopable on the chips. For the entree I order the Shack Fish Filet Sandwich. When in a beach themed restaurant I figure the best option was the fish. The fish was good. It was fried cod and the fish was flaky and the breading was not overly crunchy where it cuts the roof of your mouth when you bite into it. It was cooked well and tasted really fresh. The filet was rectangle in shape which didn’t work great with the round bun and I did have a few corners that I broke off and dipped into the tarter sauce like fish and chips. The tarter sauce was so good. It had a bit of a spice to it and was almost like a smooth spicy aioli instead of a traditional thick tarter sauce. I actually ended up dipping my fries in the sauce when I was done with the sandwich because I couldn’t get enough of the mix of spice with the creaminess. Here are some pictures for you. I tanked the sandwich picture and started eating before I remembered I’m the type of person who takes pictures of his food now.

One last note about the Bait Shack, there weren’t a ton of people in at 11 as it was just opening so I had a chance to talk to the bartender who I believe was named Steve and he was a very cool guy and great to chat with. I hung out for about a half an hour chatting him up and shooting the bull after I was finished eating because it was just an enjoyable time. He told me that they also do live music on Thursday Nights from 5-8. If you are ever in Evergreen check these guys out.

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