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Oskar Blues – Lyons

After my hike to the Button Rock Dam I made my way back down to Lyons and ate at the original Oskar Blues Grill and Brew. Most people know Oskar Blues for the Dale’s Pale Ale that they are known for but they also have a handful of restaurants around.

To start I would like to say they had the Social distancing thing down pretty well. Everyone ordered on the North patio through a window that kept you and the two women taking orders separated. Then you took a number to your table and they delivered the food to you. It worked out really well.

They also had a more limited menu but still plenty of items on it. I went with the prime rib sandwich that came with some fries and while they aren’t doing iced tea right now I did order one of their homemade root beers which was amazing.

The prime rib was cooked well and the sandwich came with au jus and a horseradish dipping sauce. Personally, I could have gone with a little more spice in the horseradish sauce but I like things spicy. The bread was what really sold me on this combo though. The bread tasted freshly baked, not sure if it was or not, but it was toasted to a nice crunch and had actually kept its shape enough when I poured the au jus on it that I could eat with my hands instead of the open face. There were also some mushrooms on the sandwich which I enjoyed.

Prime Rib Sandwich from Oskar Blues in Lyons, Colorado.

The root beer was really good. It reminded of an ice cream float at grandma’s house, although I can guarantee I never had an ice cream float and my grandma’s house. I think it reminded me of what I thought a root beer tasted like during old “Leave it to Beaver” episodes or something.

Also, the two ladies taking orders were great. They had something nice to say about all the customers who came up to the window. Even after explaining the same thing about the Covid restrictions to each customer as well. (I sat by the bar so I heard all the interactions). They were very nice and made for a really nice experience.

Overall a really nice lunch to top off a nice hike. If you find yourself in Lyons give Oskar Blues a shot.

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