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Murphy’s Tavern – Silverthorne

After a trip up to Silverthorne to see the fall colors and the South Willow Creek Falls I made it back into town and found myself a nice Irish tavern called Murphy’s. I was pretty sweaty after the 10 mile hike so I was really glad to see a very large outdoor patio at Murphy’s.

There were about a dozen tables spread out in the large patio area with music playing. The view of the mountains was also just past the parking lot.

The view from the out door patio at Murphy's There are outdoor tables and a parking lot close and two large mountains in the background.

I started out with the chips and salsa. Yes I understand that chips and salsa isn’t a typical Irish menu staple but the menu said both the chips and the salsa were home made.

It definitely tasted homemade. The salsa was a thick tomato based salsa that had a really nice flavor. It wasn’t too spicy but more of a chunky, hearty salsa.

The chips also had a really nice crunch to them. They seemed a bit thicker and sturdier than a lot of chips which was nice with the thicker salsa for scooping. There wasn’t much salt on the chips but it was available at the table.

Home made chips and a house made salsa.

Getting back to more traditional Irish fare for the main course I went with the Rueben sandwich. The Rueben was traditional with corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut with 1000 island dressing on marbled rye.

I’m not exactly sure what happened with the sandwich but the first half that ate didn’t seem to have much of the sauerkraut but the second half had a lot. The sandwich was good with a generous amount of corned beef and 1000 island dressing.

I do wish the sauerkraut was a distributed a bit better as I was missing it on the first half but could have done with a little less on the second half. It was still a really good sandwich and the combination of the salty meat and the sweet dressing was perfect after a long hot hike.

A rueben Sandwich with a side of fries and  a pickle slice and small piece of lettuce.

So my first trip to Silverthorne to hike was a good success and the patio at Murphy’s was really relaxing and enjoyable. It was a nice place to stop for lunch after a day in the mountains. If you find yourself in Silverthorne give Murphy’s a shot!

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