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3 Margarita’s – Conifer

After the Lion’s Head long hike at Staunton State Park I needed a some food pretty bad. I had seen 3 Margarita’s pretty much every time that I drove down 285 in the Conifer area but hadn’t had a chance to stop in yet so was excited to make it today.

The first thing I noticed when walking was how amazingly polite and professional all of the employee’s were. It was almost like they were inviting me into their home and wanted to be amazing hosts.

It was just such a warm feeling and I was super comfortable right from the get go. The little touches like how you greet people go along way. Another very cool little touch was the painted tables in the dinning area. I just thought these were nice.

They brought out some chips and salsa which I immediately devoured as I was in recovery mode from my hike. The chip pieces were large and not broken crumbs which made scooping easy. The salsa was a thinner mix but with large chunks of vegetables and plenty of cilantro which gave it a bit of a kick that I really enjoyed!

For the main dish I went with the Steak Ranchero which was strips of steak sautéed with tomatoes’ onion’s, jalapeno’s and spices. It came with tortilla’s, rice, beans and some lettuce and tomato as well.

When they brought it out I couldn’t believe the size of the serving dish. I felt like I was Jack eating using the giants plate after climbing the beanstalk! The steak was tender and flavored really well. I could definitely taste the onions and jalapeno’s making their way into each bite of the steak.

The dish was spicy but not overwhelming for me (I do like spicy so take that as you will). The beans and rice were also really good but I really didn’t even get through them as it was so much food. The Fatman, even after a 15 mile hike, couldn’t finish it all and had to take it home!

I really enjoyed my time at 3 Margarita’s. The people really made the experience really enjoyable and the food was great and exactly what I needed after a long day’s hike. If you find yourself in the Conifer area, check them out.

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