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Ali Baba Grill – Golden

After the 12 mile hike on the Mule Deer trail at Golden Gate Canyon I was pretty hungry. We are currently not allowing people to eat in restaurants so I was happy to see that Ali Baba‘s was open for take out.

I had driven by Ali Baba’s a couple times on previous hikes and always wanted to try. I wish it was open because the inside was decorated amazingly. It would have been nice to be able to eat in there but I found a table out front so it all worked out.

Chicken Shawarma

Ali Baba’s has a full and extensive menu of Mediterranean food and it all looked delicious. I love gyro’s and that is my go to Mediterranean option but decided to try something new. I had heard of Chicken Shawarma before but had never tried it.

Well I finally broke the norms and ordered some and it was delicious. The lunch shawarma special at Ali Baba’s consisted of the shawarma, rice, hummus, a side salad and a pita. This was a perfect after hike meal!

The shawarma that was marinated in garlic and spices and what tasted like a hint of orange, was delicious. The texture of the meat was perfect and the flavors mixed very well together. If it was orange I was tasting it was the sweet addition to the savory of the other smoky flavors of the meat that went great.

The salad was also really good with large chunks of cucumber and bell pepper. It was topped with a vinaigrette or Italian style dressing. The hummus and rice were also very tasty. To be honest with you, I didn’t even know the rice was under the chicken until the 2nd or 3rd bite. There was so much meat in the plate I could only eat about half.

I really enjoyed this dish and it has opened my eyes and taste buds to something other than gyros! It was really good and a ton of protein after a long hike. Plus, the amount of food was enough for at least 2 meals. If you find yourself in Golden, give Ali Baba’s a try.

They are located just off of 93 on Rubey Dr. in a strip center.

I have added this restaurant and all of the ones I have visited to my interactive map you can find here. If you have any suggestions for restaurants or comments feel free to email me at Or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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