The Christmas Hike

Twas the morning of Christmas
And all through the trail
Creatures were stirring
Moose, fox, even snail

Apples and Cliff Bars
Tucked in my pack
With two liters of water
All strapped to my back.

Plenty of layers and
A nice wool cap
I sure hope the bears
Take a long winters nap.

When out in the field
I heard such a noise
A family of deer,
A mom and some boys.

A small family of deer in the woods

My pace moved quicker
through tree and meadow
Spikes on my feet
to help as I go

Through oak and willow,
Birch, Maple and Pine
The views in the forest
Look ever sublime.

A semi snow covered trail through the forest.

To cliff or to valley?
The trail climbs like a stair
I gasp and breathe deeply
The crisp mountain air.

A high angle shot of a snow covered valley.

Quick to the summit
Before day turns to night
Merry Christmas to All!
And to all a good Hike!

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