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Tequila’s Family Restaurant – Trinidad


After the Challenge Trail at Fisher’s Peak State Park I needed to replenish some calories and soon! Luckily just down the road from the park I found Tequila’s Family Restaurant. From the moment I walked in I liked the vibe at Tequila’s. The entire restaurant was painted in a bright mosaic and it just felt really inviting.

The inside of Tequila's in Trinidad is painted in vibrant pink colors and decorated very well.

The Food

I started out with the traditional chips and salsa that they provided when I walked in. This was a thinner salsa with big chunks of onion and vegetables. It actually had a good amount of spice to it which I really enjoyed. I was so hungry after the hike I did some serious damage to these chips and salsa even before I put in my order for my entrée!

The chips and salsa from Tequila's in Trinidad.  The salsa is a thinner version but big chunks of veggies and onions can be seen.

For the main dish I asked my server what was the most popular dish at Tequila’s. He told me that the Fajitas Texanas was one of the most popular so I gave that a shot. The Fajitas Texanas came with carne asada on a bed of onion and bell peppers. This was then smothered in queso and bacon sauce! It also came with rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole and a choice between corn or flour tortillas.

The Fajitas Texanas from Tequila's in Trinidad with smothered carne asada on one plate and rice beans and guacamole on the other plate. The meat plate is still sizzling and steaming.

If you look closely at the picture above you can still see the steam coming off the fajita’s! These were so good. There was a generous amount of meat and some of the freshest peppers and onions that I have had. I know that they said it was a bacon queso sauce but I am pretty sure there were pieces of bacon cooked onto the plate.

I really enjoyed this meal. The meat was tender and juicy and combined with the veggies and cheese mixed perfectly. The taste and smell of bacon is what put me over the top. I really enjoyed these. So much so that I took half of it on the road with me and had it for dinner as well! A really good stop on the first leg of the Great Southwestern Road Trip.

Finding Tequila’s

Tequila’s is located at 9900 Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad. Just off of I-25. If you find yourself in Southern Colorado definitely give them a shot!

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