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Fiesta Guadalajara – Fruita

Fiesta Guadalajara

Fiesta Guadalajara is a small chain of local restaurants on the western slope of Colorado that came recommended to me by my buddy and hiking mentor, Scott. Scott grew up in the area and told me that it would be some great Mexican food!

After spending a few hours and doing some hikes at the Colorado National Monument it was great to have such a nice spot to eat just across the highway.

The Food

Now the important part…the Food!!! Fiesta Guadalajara started me out with some chips and salsa which was really good. The salsa had huge chunks of vegetables chopped in it which made it a little thicker. It was really good! It wasn’t too spicy and it was nice to get the big chunks.

The chips and salsa from Fiesta Guadalajara in Fruita.  The salsa has large pieces of chopped vegetables in it.

I was between a couple of things as to what to order for dinner. Their menu said they had “large” burritos so I decided to settle on the Supreme Quesadilla instead. I thought it would be a little smaller. I was mistaken!

Unlike a lot of quesadilla’s that are folded over this was two tortilla’s, one on top and one on bottom. It was almost like a Mexican Pizza I have seen in other spots. I got this with chicken fajita meat although it has the options of Carne Asada, grilled chicken or shrimp.

The Supreme Quesadilla from Fiesta Guadalajara.  The quesadilla is a full ten inches with generous amounts of sour cream and guacamole on top.

Ok this thing was enormous to start. The chicken fajita’s were seasoned very well and had a bit of a kick to them. The quesadilla also had green onions, tomato’s, and a dollop of sour cream and guacamole. A layer of cheese was also cooked inside with the chicken. Every bit was like half a fajita and half a quesadilla and it was really good. I especially liked the guac that had some nice spice to it.

This food beat me and I could only eat half. We all know the Fatman doesn’t quit easily so this was a feat! The food was great and I really enjoyed how close the restaurant was to the Colorado National Monument. If you find yourself in Fruita, give Fiesta Guadalajara a shot!

Finding Fiesta Guadalajara

There are a few few locations along the western slope of Colorado but the location I went to was in Fruita, Colorado. It is located at 103 US-50 in Fruita just across the highway from the Colorado National Monument.

I have added this restaurant and all of the restaurants I have been to on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a restaurant or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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