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Pack Fitting at REI

Pack Fitting at REI

Having a pack that fits properly can be the difference between having a great hike and having a miserable hike. Every pack is different and every body is different and that is why it helps to have a professional help you get a great fit. For me, that means a trip to get my pack fitting at REI. (Disclaimer: links to REI on this page are part of an affiliate advertising link*)

Bring your own pack

I knew REI would help with pack fitting while you were shopping in the store. Today was the first time that I found out that they would help you out even if you didn’t buy one there. REI didn’t have the Manta Pack from Osprey (disclaimer: affiliate advertising link*) in the color I was looking for so I bought it from the Osprey website (disclaimer: affiliate advertising link*). It is one size fits all and I wanted to make sure it was adjusted properly. I called over to the REI flagship and they told me they could help me out.

When I got there Steve helped me get the pack all balanced and put some weight in it and even took the extra time to explain where he puts everything when he uses the same pack. I feel so much better knowing that I have the proper fit and can’t wait to get on the trail!

Timing is everything

While REI will help you getting your pack fitted properly they recommended coming during the less busy times. Mid-week during the day was the suggestion that I received on the phone. It is first come first serve and Steve was extremely thorough to get my fit right. He adjusted it a couple of times and made sure that I was completely comfortable before I left. I would say in all it took 20 minutes or so. During peak times that could make for a longer wait.

Fit before you buy

REI also will help you fit a backpack before you buy so make sure if you are there to pick out a new pack you take the time to have one of their experts make sure the fit is going to be right for you. A lot of packs come in different sizes or can be a one size fits all so it is important to get the right fit. Why not make sure it is perfect before you leave the store?

For me it was important because my body shape is not the typical. I think my torso is as wide as it is tall so getting that perfect fit is important.

Wrapping up Pack Fitting at REI

Today was very cool. I have always loved going to REI and I knew they had some great gear and that the people there were very helpful. I did not realize that the help would extend to packs not bought in the store. This really shows you that they are interested in making sure that you have a good and safe time on the trail no matter what.

When I got back I asked a couple of my hiking friends and they were not aware that REI would do this. So I wanted to put it out there as a tip to all of you.

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2 thoughts on “Pack Fitting at REI”

  1. Bewildered Brown Eyes

    Thanks for sharing this! We recently got an REI in Tampa and I could use a little help checking that I have my Mira set up correctly. It worked well for our first trip, but I know it needs some sort of adjustment before our next adventure. 🙂

    1. I was so happy when I found out they could help me out. Each pack is a little different and needs those little tweaks. I would suggest giving them a call to find the best time! Glad I could help out!

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