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Water, Water Everywhere


Water is probably the most important resource while you are out hiking. I always bring clean fresh H2O with me but now always have a back up plan as well. That plan is a bottle with a filtration system to purify streams and creeks to make them safe to drink. My purification of choice is Epic Water Filters.

Running out of Water

It has only happened to me one time so far but running out of water is the scariest thing that I have ever encountered. It was 100 degree day and like an idiot I tried to do a 15.8 mile hike with over 3000 feet of elevation gain. I brought 3 liters with me and thought for sure I would be fine.

I wasn’t. My pack ran dry with about 3 miles to go and was worried I was going to be one of those people who could literally see the car but couldn’t walk that far. It was scary. Immediately after getting home I got a filtration system that I bring with me on the hikes.

Discount just for my readers

I don’t want any of you to have a similar experience so I have formed an affiliate relationship with Epic Water Filters and am able to offer you a 20% discount by using the promo code: FMLT-H2O

Disclaimer: If you use the discount code when making a purchase I receive a small commission of the purchase.

Epic Water Filters, a Colorado company, has an extensive line from bottles for the trail to pitchers and filters for you faucets. If you are looking for clean water check out the great products from Epic Water Filters and now you can save a bit of money by using this unique promo code.

Here is the link to Epic Water Filters and remember when you check out to use the special code: FMLT-H2O to get your discount.

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