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The Good with the Bad

The Good with the Bad

Over the course of this website I have been honest with what I write. Some times a little too honest but I usually don’t shy away from writing something that might embarrass myself. Heck last week I posted that I relapsed on my weight during my Fatman to Fitman update. How many people are willing post about gaining weight! So when I had a couple of good things happen lately I figured you guys wouldn’t complain too much if I posted about that. With me I guess you get the good with the bad.

Shoutout Colorado

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by an online magazine called Shoutout Colorado. Shoutout Colorado focuses on local artists and entrepreneurs. Since my success is in the same park of Jeff Bezos (if the world was considered a park) I figured I was a perfect candidate.

In honesty what I liked about the magazine is that their goal was to get people to rethink the way people support communities. The want to make people aware of smaller local business and artists and, hopefully, shop with them when possible.

This is exactly what I do with my Food page. I try to find a locally owned restaurant near each hike that I go to. I figure if you are going to enjoy the recreation in these small towns you should eat there too and support the town and learn the culture. Since me and Shoutout had the same philosophy in supporting the little guys, I agreed to the interview and it came out this week. Here is a link to the article.

John Freaking Muir Podcast

A couple of weeks ago, I was also asked to be a guest on the John Freaking Muir Podcast. The “John Freaking Muir podcast” is focused on thru hikers, trail-runners, camping, hiking, and pretty much everything that falls under the outdoors. I had a great time being a guest for the podcast! Even though I don’t thru hike, Doc made the exception and brought me on. We chatted for almost an hour and half about all things outdoors and it was a great experience. Doc even came awfully close to convincing me to give thru hiking a shot! However, for now I will stick to the day hiking! The audio version can be found on the Apple Podcasts platform. For those of you who would rather watch the podcast, here is a link to the video.

Amazon Store

Also, this week I was approved to an Amazon program where I can recommend items that might help others get their journey started. I get asked a lot on what types of gear I started my journey out with and this makes it easy to let folks know what a nice starting kit may include. My kit has changed many times over and will continue to evolve as I gain experience but I remember how hard it was for me to figure out what I needed to get started. Hopefully the items I have put together will help get your own journey started, or inspire as to the type of gear that you may need. I even get to have my very own storefront. Here is the link to the Fat Man Little Trail Cache.

FatManLittleTrail the Podcast goes Internation

While the website has been read by people in over 60 countries, and I have had social media interactions with people in several countries, for the first time the Podcast has gone truly international.

I interviewed Damian Geleyns this week. Damian is a New Zealander who currently is living in Brazil. That is about as international I can think of. Damian runs the website and we were able to talk about motivation and why the body doesn’t have to slow down after the age of 40. He is a very inspiring guy and I had a blast talking with him. You can hear the audio version of the podcast at this link. Or you can watch the video below:

More from the Fatman

If you enjoyed this post you may enjoy more of the posts on my Fatman’s Rambling page. Blogs such as “Hiking Alone not Lonely Hiking“, “To Pee or Not to Pee” and “Screw it, I’m Trying” as well as many others may interest you there. If you have any comments or topics you would like me to cover, feel free to email me at Or you can keep the conversation going by following me on any of the below social media platforms.

2 thoughts on “The Good with the Bad”

  1. So glad to see Fat Man getting some well-deserved exposure! You’ve kept me inspired to take on the hills in my neighborhood…not a mountain hike, but as your motto says…I keep trying. Keep up the good work!

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