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National Take A Hike Day

National Take a Hike Day

It seems like there is a day for everything. These run the gambit from helping the world, to appreciating an art. And pretty much everything in between. For instance, November 15 has the honor of being: National Drummer Day, National Raisin Bran Cereal Day, National Clean out your Fridge day, and my favorite, Odd Socks Day. But on November 17th this all gets real with one of the most important days, National Take a Hike day!

Me hiking through the snowy woods in preparation for National take a Hike day.
National Take a Hike day is November 17th, 2021

Take a Hike!

Hiking has become one of the fastest growing forms of recreation in the country but if you are still looking for some motivation than look no further than November 17th. Hiking has been such a wonderful part of my life over the last two years. It has changed my perspective, my mental and physical health, and my overall appreciation for the outdoors. I am so glad that it gets its own day.

I was also really honored when one of my favorite outdoor companies, Kuhl, interviewed me for their website. They asked me some questions that really got me thinking about how much hiking and the outdoors have impacted my life. I was so excited to share my story with them and hope that it might help some of you to get excited about the outdoors. I was very honored as well when they said that my story would be a small part of their National Take a Hike Day celebration. Here is a link to the full interview if you are interested.

Me on top of a cliff prepping for National Take A Hike day.
National Take a Hike Day is November 17th, 2021

How to Start Hiking

For those of you who are still not sold on getting into the outdoors or for those of you who are worried about getting started I wanted to offer up my “Getting Started Tips”. I have put together a series of tips, from experts, ranging from nutritionists and physical therapists to clothing experts to give readers some tips to help them start a hiking a program. You can find my Getting Started Tips here. Plus, this entire website is basically a guide to how to start hiking!

I also want to introduce you to the American Hiking Society. They are very active on National Take a Hike Day. The AHS also has great resources for those of you looking to explore the outdoors. They can help you find nearby trails and have a hiking 101 guide to help you get started.

The outdoors should be for everyone. I hope that everyone who wants to hike feels comfortable to take a walk outside. The first step is always the hardest but each step after that gets easier. Enjoy National Take a Hike day. Hopefully it can transform your life like it did mine!

Me walking down a road with the leaves changing prepping for National Take a Hike Day.
National Take a Hike Day is November 17th, 2021

4 thoughts on “National Take A Hike Day”

  1. G. I’ll add a few steps to my walk (can’t call it a hike yet) on National Hiking Day! Your interview was a superb recapture of your last few years. Even though I’ve been following you throughout your journey, I learned new things!

    1. A hike is just walking out doors so you are doing great work! The interview was very fun and I really enjoyed rehashing some of what I have gone through on the journey. And of course, thank you so much for the support!

  2. Greg– Just read your interview with Kuhl. We’re really proud of you for all your accomplishments, and for your stories of you various hikes. Keep it up. Happy Hiking.– Uncle Bill

    P.S. I really liked the story of the leaf and the “fast” moving stream. Nice perspective.

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