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Outdoor Retailer Show Day 1: She Fly

Outdoor Retailer Show

One of the country’s biggest outdoor retail shows is going on in Denver right now, the Outdoor Retailer Show. This is a show that connects brands with the newest of style, technology, and products with retail stores hoping to fill their shelves with the hottest items. Your favorite blogger (The Fatman) was able to score a media credential so I will be talking to some of these brands and passing on the information to you over the next few days. First out of the gate is an innovative company that I met, SheFly.


While my first day at the show was mostly just trying to get my credential and find my way around I did find one of the most innovative products I have seen in years. And ladies, this one is all for you! I met the co-founders of SheFly Apparel walking through the convention center and they had a pair of pants that had me curious.

SheFly is a normal pair of hiking/outdoor pants with a normal zipper, pockets, etc. What makes this so unique is the added zipper. I will do my best to describe this but remember I am a man. SheFly’s patented zipper goes from beneath the normal zipper and extends in a straight line down and around to the back. When unzipped this special fly allows for all of the…ehm…plumbing to be accessible. So no more having to pull your pants down when nature calls while you are out in nature! Just unzip as much or as little as you need and you are good to go! (Please check out SheFly’s website for a more elegant description.)

Photo Courtesy of SheFly Apparel

The SheFly’s are designed to make your life easier in the field but they didn’t sacrifice fashion. The zipper is concealed by fabric so to the casual onlooker they look just like a regular pair of pants. I attempted to tackle this subject in my blog “To Pee or Not to Pee“. I did admit that the fellas had it much easier. Now it looks like the folks at She Fly have evened the score.

Photo Courtesy of SheFly Apparel

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