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Outdoor Retailer Day Three: Go Big

Outdoor Retailer

One of the country’s biggest outdoor retail shows is wrapping up in Denver right now, the Outdoor Retailer Show. This is a show that connects brands with the newest of style, technology, and products with retail stores hoping to fill their shelves with the hottest items. Your favorite blogger (The Fatman) was able to score a media credential so I will be talking to some of these brands and passing on the information to you over the next few days. Also, a special thank you to all the brands that took the time to talk with me and give me permission to take pictures of their products at the show.

Go Big

On day three I spent time looking at some of the bigger items in the convention center. I had been eyeballing these items, whose displays were hard to miss, for three days and finally had a chance to check them out.

ARVA Snow Safety Equipment

There is nothing bigger than health and safety. My most recent podcast, you can find here, was all about backcountry safety. I talked to Summit County Rescue Group about staying safe and that included the tools to help with avalanches. ARVA Snow Safety Equipment has spent the last 30 years developing just those tools.

Avalanche Transceivers from ARVA Snow Safety Equipment as seen at the Outdoor Retailer Show
Avalanche Transceivers from ARVA

ARVA has avalanche transceivers, reactor avalanche airbags, backpacks, shovels, probes, accessories and more. These items are so essential if you are spending time outdoors in the winter season. Be it skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or even hiking, it is important to be prepared in the outdoors. ARVA also has a great snow safety program on their website to help test your knowledge and provide safety information.

Voyageur – Moblie and Custom Sauna

If there was ever a thing that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it, it is the Voyageur Mobile Sauna! Now I can’t stop thinking about how much I want one!

The exterior of the Voyageur Mobile Sauna as seen at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.
The Voyageur Mobile Sauna

The Voyageurs are hand crafted in Minnesota by company owner Eric. I met Eric at the show and we talked for a long time and he was great. He created the company and still has a major part in every sauna that comes out of the shop. The sauna’s are beautiful and I can imagine them being perfect for those winter get togethers. Plus, how cool would it be to have a mobile sauna!!! Voyageur also makes backyard and in home sauna’s as well.

QuietKat – Electric BIke

QuietKat is an electric bike that is ready to take you further into the outdoors. I really got a feel for the outdoor passion when I was talking to the Brand Specialist about the bike. Instead of being designed for trips around the backroads, QuietKat had accessibility in mind. The bikes have the ability to pull a trailer and bring all of your camping, fishing, or cooking gear with you to that perfect spot in the outdoors. The QuietKat bikes have ranges from 20 miles to 64 miles(assisted) to get you where you want to be.

VanDoIt – Camper Vans

#Vanlife is all the rage on social media and as a lifestyle. A lot of people are choosing to travel full time but they still want to be comfortable. Enter VanDoIt. VanDoIt has custom camper vans that are built in a modular way creating a great amount of flexibility in the design. You can ad kitchen units, toilets, different bed configurations. They even had a TV and a shower in the display vans.

A ton of options to make your camper van just right for you!

Cake Electric Bush Bike

Another entry in the Electric Bike world was the Cake Electric Bush Bike. The Cake bikes feature a highly customizable design. I would say that the base design is a bit minimalist, with pristine straight lines and a sleek look that I thought was really sharp! There is then a ton of accessories that can be added from a rear seat, to a trailer. Even cargo nets, trays, and boxes. Plenty of options to make your Cake bike your own.

Another fascinating part of the Cake bike is the work that it is doing to help against poaching. Cake has collaborated with the Southern African Wildlife College to make the electric bush bikes for the anti-poaching rangers. The poachers were alerted by the loud engines of a combustion engine dirt bike and the quiet electric bikes allow the rangers to have more efficient anti-poaching patrols. You can read more about Cake’s efforts at that here.

More from the Fatman

Well that wraps up day 3 of the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. This was my first time being here and I was able to meet some amazing brands over the 3 days. I will continue to feature them on this website for the next few days. Hopefully the readers can find some brands that they weren’t aware of, I sure know I did!

Make sure to follow along at for the latest updates from the Outdoor Retailer show. If you are interested in my product reviews, you can find them here. If you want to know a little bit more about my approach to hiking, you can check out my Fatman’s Ramblings page here. As always be sure to keep the conversation going by following me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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