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Cute Baby Animals

Seriously, Cute Baby Animals

I know that a title like that probably sounds a bit spam-like but I swear it is true! Now, I am not saying it isn’t a tad on the click bait side but who can resist cute baby animals! I know I couldn’t! That is why when I heard an add on the radio that the Centennial Village Museum was bringing back Baby Animal Days, I had to go!

Before I lose you completely to the pictures of the cute baby animals, I want to mention that Baby Animal Days run from now until April 24th, 2022 up in Greeley at the Centennial Village Museum. The hours are 10am – 4pm and admission is $4.

Cute Baby Cow

There was one baby cow on display. I have to say that I probably spent the most time around the cow stall but it is not my fault because I got this look when I was trying to leave.

A close up of a cow with giant black eyes looking right into the camera as part of cute baby animals days.
How can you say no to this cute baby cow?

I mean you try to walk away from eyes like that. At this point I realize I have lost most of you and you are only going to look at the pictures so I can write whatever I want!

A baby cow looking a little disheveled standing on a his bed of straw in a stall at Cute Baby Animals Days
Cute Baby Cow looks like it just woke up from a nap.

The cow was brown. Which means that it will one day provide chocolate mile because we all know that brown cows is where we get chocolate milk!

A close up of a cow with giant black eyes looking right into the camera as part of cute baby animals days.
You have to come see this cute baby cow!

As I finally walked away I got this look. So sweet and immediately filled me with guilt. Luckily I am a highly trained professional and pulled away to the next cute baby animal.

Cute Baby Sheep

Sheep are so cute and since most of the hiking gear I wear is made of wool, I figured I would show my appreciation.

two baby sheep laying on the ground. one has its head up and is looking away during cute baby animals days.
Cute Baby Sheep contemplating all of its daily responsibilities

Apparently the sheep had a really good talent agent because they got the most shade under the tent which made my photographs less good. I yelled at my talent agent about this but since I don’t have one I just yelled into the wind.

One baby sheep laying on its side and the other laying next to it with its head up and looking at the camera at Cute Baby Animals Days
Cute baby sheep wondering if it can eat my phone camera.

Shortly after I took this pictures the sheep sprung to life and began slowly sauntering around the pen. I took a few videos that I will be putting up on my Facebook page so head over there for even more cute baby animal videos!

Cute Baby Goats

Next came the goats and I couldn’t decide if they were cute or not. I do think they looked like a very sad Yoda from the Star Wars movies.

Two baby goats laying next to each other with their necks intertwined and the face of the one facing is contorted and looks a little like yoda.
Cute baby goat looking a little like a sad Yoda

The most adorable thing was definitely how they cuddled up to each other and slept on each others necks for most of the time I was there.

two baby goats laying next to each other with their nexks intertwined at Cute Baby Animals Days
Cute baby goat probably wondering where he left his keys?

Awwww. So cute. I think, or maybe not? I really have no idea on this one. It feels like it is an all or nothing thing people and I just provide the pictures and let you decide! Is anyone even still reading the words and not just staring at the Cute Baby Animals?

Cute Baby Piglets

Finally I made it over to the cute baby animals, piglet edition! The pigs were definitely the most rambunctious of the animals. They were trying to eat everything. Food, Fingers, each others tails. They were like a two year old just trying to taste everything the world has to offer!

A pink piglet in its pen sniffing around the food container at Cute Baby Animals days.
Cute baby pig trying to eat the container instead of the food.

There was a little pink one and a little brown one in the cage together and they were both just as excitable.

A brown piglet sniffing around the food container at Cute Baby Animals days
Cute baby pig looking for a snack most likely.

If you find these animals cute, please don’t look at my food page for at least a half an hour. Just a small piece of advice for those of you still reading.

It really was nice seeing all the baby animals. They also had baby chickens but they weren’t in that cute phase, but instead the weird alien looking phase in my opinion. I won’t post them on here but you should run up to Greeley and see for yourself!

Centennial Village Museum in Greeley

Centennial Village Museum is a great little spot up in Greeley. It is located at 1475 A Street near the fairgrounds. The museum has a series of homes and buildings that were common throughout the history of the Greeley area.

One of the older buildings at Centennial Village is a wood bunkhouse.
One of the historic buildings at the Centennial Village museum

There is plenty of atmosphere and history to keep both old and young visitors happy and for everyone to learn a bit about the past of this great region. The park isn’t too big and is designed well for strollers with paved paths throughout.

The open courtyard of centennail village  Museum with paved paths to all of the buildings making it easy to travel from display to display.
The courtyard at the Centennial Village Museum with paths to all the buildings.

If you are going to the Greeley area and want to learn a little bit about the past this is a perfect week to do it so you can get the added bonus of seeing the baby animals! You can find more information about the Centennial Village on their website or on their Facebook Page.

Now…More Cute Baby Animals

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