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13 Hikes

13 Hikes

Hiking has changed my life. Something so simple, yet so important. A single step in the woods that started me on a new path. But I still remember, and fight every day, that urge to stay comfortably on the couch. I am not a naturally active person but need a little push to get myself going in that direction. I thought about those days before I found the trails and what would motivate me back then and I came up with the idea of 13 Hikes.

The 13 Hikes logo for the 13 hike challenge and community. The logo has a mountain, an elk and trees.

Why 13 Hikes

13 Hikes is a new hiking challenge and hiking community that I have created. There are a lot of goals that I have with the platform but at its base I am still looking at giving someone that push to find the mental and physical benefits of the outdoors. There are a lot of weekly challenges out there, I have done some of them and I think they are absolutely great. Thinking back to the days I was on the couch and I never would have been motivated by doing over 50 of anything. But if you would have told me I only had to do 13, well, that would have been something I could do.

Hopefully, someone who doesn’t think they can do a whole year will be able to commit to 13 Hikes. And after finishing those 13 will be able to keep going. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t have to take a full year commitment. Sometimes just building the confidence of knowing you can do something is enough to change your entire world. I know it was enough for me.

Me on top of a mountain after finishing a hiking challenge. Moments like this inspired me to start 13 hikes.
Hiking has changed my life and my perspective

For Everyone

13 Hikes isn’t just for those needing a little push. It is for everyone. The folks that only like to hike in summer but also like the structure of a challenge. The folks that like to ski or snowboard part of the year and golf or mountain bike and don’t hike every week. Parents who have t-ball, soccer, and ballet for the kiddos on the weekends and can only get out once a month. Anyone who wants to spend more time outdoors but needs that little push is welcome.

13 Hikes also knows that hiking is something different for everyone. You won’t need to hike 20 miles each time or climb a mountain. If on your first hike you can only make it to the mailbox and your goal is to make the end of the block on hike 13, that is great! If you want to walk around the city park, great! Maybe you can hike 5 miles now but your goal is to get to 10, great! As long as you spend more time outdoors and in nature the better you will be and that is the goal of 13 Hikes. To get more people outdoors!

The 13 Hikes logo for the 13 hike challenge and community. The logo has a mountain, an elk and trees.

Trail Buddies

The other element to 13 Hikes that makes it a bit unique is the Trail Buddies Social Media platform. Lets be honest, social media is getting a bit much these days. I created Trail Buddies with the goal of having an outdoors focused social media where people can support and help each other on their outdoor journeys without worrying about all the other distractions. People can upload photos, results through Alltrails, and can even earn badges for what they accomplish. A real outdoor focused community.

Signing up

If you wanted to join a hiking challenge but were worried because it is too late in the year, or if you realized that your New Years resolutions need a bit of a kick start, head over to Or if you need that little push to go from the couch to the trail like I did, head over to If you want to join a community of hikers and find the benefits of the outdoors, head over to

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