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Spy Optic Monolith Happy Boost Review

Spy Optic Sunglasses

I was never a sunglasses person until I started hiking in the thin air of the mountains and realized just how important taking care of the eyes is on a hike or anytime in the outdoors. The sun is so much more intense at elevation and spending hours outdoors. I recently tried the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 Sunglasses with what they call Happy Boost and I was impressed. Here is my Fatman First Take review. There are currently two styles of Monolith with the Happy Boost technology and currently eight styles of Monolith 50/50 without the Happy Boost. This review will focus on the two Happy Boost styles as that is what I tested.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I have an affiliate agreement with Spy Optic and I was sent these glasses for the purposes of doing a review. This site uses affiliate marketing links and any purchase you make from links on this website may result in me getting a small commission with no extra cost to you. All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with these glasses. This review is for general informational purposes. Your experience may be different.

Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost

Before I begin my personal experience with these glasses I wanted to give the specifics directly from Spy Optic. All of this information comes directly from the Spy Optic website and is subject to change.

According to the website, the Monolith 50/50 is described as, “With its big single lens and forward design, it has only one purpose—to unleash a tsunami of style and tech that will sweep the planet and bring a smile to all who dare to put it on.”


$210.00 USD


142 mm across the front top
149 mm across the front bottom
59 mm top to bottom in front
147 mm temple to earpiece tip


White Matte Frame with Happy Boost Bronze Polar Ice Blue Spectra Mirror lenses
Black Matte Frame with Happy Boost Bronze Polar Ice Blue Spectra Mirror lenses

Happy Boost*

  • Features SPY+’s new HAPPY BOOST™ Lens Technology, which provides SUPER vivid color & contrast, in addition to the benefits of the HAPPY™ Lens.
  • 99% polarized efficiency for superior clarity by reducing glare off water and flat, smooth, and shiny surfaces.
  • Maintains an optimum white balance, enhancing colors without sacrificing others.
  • Lenses include a hydro-oleophobic coating to repel both oil and water.

Monolith Features*

  • ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, providing crystal-clear distortion-free vision while reducing eyestrain
  • Scoop® ventilation system increases air flow and decreases fog-causing sweat and moisture
  • Constructed from Grilamid®, a lightweight frame material ideal for everyday wear due to its strength and flexibility
  • Comfortable rubber nose pads provide a secure fit no matter how hard you sweat
  • Third-eye SPY+ cross lens detail
  • Snap pin hinges provide a secure, comfortable fit
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage



*All information from

Me in the woods wearing my Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost.
Me in My Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost

What I Liked

There was a lot to like about the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost glasses. The Happy Boost technology made a huge difference. The build and style of the glasses also made them a top notch option. Here is a bit more on what I liked.

Happy Boost

The Happy Boost feature is nothing short of amazing. I am not sure of the exact science behind what they did to the lenses but I actually see colors so much better with these shades. The green leaves are greener, the clouds are whiter. Even the dirt on the trail somehow looks sharper. The colors are so much more vivid that I started to question whether or not I have been color blind all of these years. I am not color blind. The Monolith 50/50 somehow just make my eyes see the colors with such a sharp contrast. It is like seeing colors in 3D which of course makes no sense but that is how they make me feel.

The first step is that Happy Boost polarization is some of the best in the business. Spy Optic claims that it is at 99% for polarization and I believe it. Hiking in the mountains I get a lot of reflections off of lakes, streams, snow still in the mountains and even the gray rocks of the mountains. These are completely cut out with the Monolith. It is fascinating. The Happy Boost also prevents water and oils from sticking to the lenses which keeps the views sharp without any smudging or blurry spots.

Me at the lake wearing my Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost.
Me in My Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost


I am pretty hard on sunglasses on the trails. Between dropping them, shoving them in my backpack and alternating between wearing them and throwing them on top of my head when I get to a shady spot I beat them up pretty good. So far the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 glasses have been up to every challenge.

I have had these glasses in and out of my pack with no scratches or marks on the lenses. I will say that all of my packs have sunglasses pouches that help prevent scratches but the Monolith are the first ones to actually not get scratched in those pouches.

One of the big problems I run into is taking my glasses off and putting them on my hat when I get in the shade. Well my hat is usually covered in a combination of sweat, sunscreen and bug spray. That combo is murder on lenses and usually leaves a sticky, blurry film that never comes off. Some kind of voodoo on the Spy Optic Monolith Lenses has defeated the sludge and the glasses come back to my eyes no worse for wear after hitch-hiking on my brim.


I wasn’t exactly sure what to call this section but I just want to say that the view through the glasses is one of the most superior views I have had. I talked about how the colors are more vivid because of the Happy Boost, but images seem so much sharper as well. Because of the high contrast and sharper colors I actually found an improvement in my depth perception. A series of trees in the woods now look more like individual branches in front of and behind each other instead of just a mash of branches.

Me in the woods wearing my Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost.
Me in My Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost

There are also no bad viewing angles. With the lenses being so large and providing a good amount of coverage I don’t get light leaking in to distort images. I also don’t get reflections of my own eyes because there are no light leaks. Looking in any direction and every eye movement is contained in the protected space which provides sharp, clear and vivid images. The only small problem is the side piece on the frame can occasionally get in the peripheral vision when looking to the side but more on that later.


.The Monolith 50/50 have a very lightweight design that make them feel like they float on your face. The Grilamid® used for the frame is light and flexible but also comes back to position and doesn’t bend. There are no visible screws on the frame adding to the sleek design. Some of the printing on the interior of the frame has started to wear off but that was only promotional print and logos. The rubber nose piece provides a soft feel on the skin but also does a really good job of holding the glasses in place.

The lenses are made of a polycarbonate and have a curve in them to match the natural curve of the eye. This helps to prevent any distortion and leads to a clear view. The lenses do not do a full wrap around but provide a large coverage area. There is also a proprietary air flow system to make sure that the glasses don’t fog up and reduces sweating and moisture. The air flow is really nice and has prevented me from sweating in my eyes even on upper 90 degree hiking days.

The Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost on a log.
The Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost on a log.


The Monolith 50/50 have a bit of an athletic fit that I really enjoyed. The glasses aren’t loose on the face but not overly tight. The best description would be that they are sturdily affixed to the face. I wear these out hiking all the time and I never have to worry about them slipping or sliding off if I have to turn my head quick or if I am leaning over ledge. I feel like this is the perfect fit for all sporting activities.

While the Monolith sit firmly on the face they are never uncomfortable. The lenses are a comfortable distance from the eyes, the bridge rests comfortable on the nose and there is no pinching on the temples or behind the ears. They are just a nice comfortable fit. A very confident fit that you can do all of your activities without concern about the shades slipping off.

Me wearing my my Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost in a meadow
Me in My Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost


I am a well documented function of style guy but these glasses are the best of both worlds. Not only do they function amazingly well but they are stylish enough for me to post multiple face pictures. For those of you just joining the blog, that is something that never happens! Maybe you will get one shot of my face but the Monolith 50/50 are the coolest and most stylish sunglasses I have ever had so I had to show them off a bit!

They really have a nice look to them and are very stream lined while still providing a lot of sun coverage.

What I Didn’t Like

As a blogger I have to find something I don’t like about each product or they take away my blogging card! This was a hard task with the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 as I liked almost everything about these glasses.

What I came up with might be unique to me but it was something I noticed. The extra bit of material around where the hinge connects could get into my peripheral vision when looking to the side. Looking forward I didn’t notice it but if I glanced one way or the other I would catch that plastic bit in the corner of my eye. I have always had a wide field of view so not sure how much this will be noticeable for all but I’m sure it will come up for some.

Also, the Monolith 50/50 are some of the biggest glasses that Spy Optic has in the new line. I have a giant head so that is one of the main reasons that I got them but if you have a small face or head combination you may want to look for one of the other styles that better fits your face shape and size.

Video Review of the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost

For those of you who prefer a more visual approach to the review I have put together this quick video review. If you enjoy the review or any of my videos make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is free to subscribe and will give you updates to new content.

Wrap up of the Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost

Before I started hiking I wasn’t much a sunglass person. Spending hours in the outdoors under the bright sun has made me a convert. Now I can’t leave the house without shades. Even now I tend buy cheaper glasses from convenient stores. I never realized my mistake before but I do now!

The Spy Optic Monolith 50/50 with Happy Boost have changed the way I look at glasses. They are well made and the technology in the lenses make me feel like I am walking through life with an Instagram filter on. The glasses are comfortable on my face, never slide around or move and lets be honest, extremely stylish. It is nice to have a combination of a technologically advanced, well constructed that actually looks good!

I really have enjoyed my time hiking in these glasses. I think they have something to offer to both the function and style crowds. And they work great at the lake or in the mountains and everywhere in between.

Highly Recommended.

If you like this review, you can see other products I have reviewed on my Product Review Page. If you have any items you would like me to review or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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