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Gray’s Coors Tavern – Pueblo

Gray’s Coors Tavern

On my first trip to Pueblo, Colorado I was excited to find a dish made famous in the town, the Slopper. I asked a my friends who live in Pueblo where we should go to find the perfect Slopper and they were quick to suggest Gray’s Coors Tavern.

The Slopper was invented in the 1950’s in Pueblo and it was either invented at Gray’s or at another bar called the Star Bar. I am going to throw my hat in the ring and claim that it was invented at Gray’s only because that is where I had my first but with absolutely no historical knowledge of if that is true.

The entire wall of the side of the building is painted with a sign for Gray's Coors Tavern.
The painted wall of Gray’s Coors Tavern.

Gray’s is in a big brick building right on 4th street and it is hard to miss if you are driving by the large painted wall. Inside it is a long and narrow bar with a booths lining one side and a small outdoor patio.

The Slopper

While the history of the Slopper is up for debate the deliciousness is not. The Slopper is definitely sloppy. The basics of the Slopper are a hamburger served open face in a bowl. The burger is then covered in cheese and then topped with hot green chili. You can throw some onions on top of all of it as well.

Gray’s Offers a one (Half), two (Regular), four (Double) or six (Triple) patty versions of the Slopper. You can also get fries on top of it for another fee. I went with the regular and opted for the fries.

The first thing I tasted was the green chili which had a little spice but was really good. The patties were good and the taste wasn’t lost with all the chili. The bun and fries were basically just a chili delivery system as they soaked up the deliciousness. The fresh onions provided a nice crunch and flavor to counter the softness of the Slopper.

A burger and fries covered in green chili and topped with onions from Gray's Coors Tavern in Pueblo
The Slopper from Gray’s Coors Tavern In Pueblo

I really liked the Slopper. It is such a fun idea of combining all of the best flavors. The buns and fries did a great job of soaking up all the chili and it became a great lunch that I am very glad I got the time to try. If you find yourself in Pueblo give (one of?) the original Slopper a chance!

Finding Gray’s Coors Tavern

Gray’s Coors Tavern is located at 515 4th St in Pueblo. There is some parking next to the restaurant.

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