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Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

For those of us who enjoy the outdoors even in the winter it is important to have the right gear to enjoy it properly. Warm clothes and layers are important to keep the warmth in but what about keeping the cold out. Gaiters are an excellent option to keep the snow from soaking your pants, getting down into your shoes and to help with the winter winds that blow. Outdoor Research makes some of the most popular gaiters out there so I decided to test out the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide. These are the wider version of the gaiters that OR has available.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I was sent these gaiters for the purposes of doing a review.  All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with these gaiters. This review is for general informational purposes. Your experience may be different.

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide paired with snowshoes.
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide paired with snowshoes.

Outdoor Research Gaiters Wide

If you hike or snowshoe in winter you should use gaiters. Gaiters are waterproof and provide extra protection from the snow and damp conditions. There are several out there but I have found Outdoor Research to be the most popular based on looking at other hikers and snowshoe enthusiasts around Colorado. I wear gaiters pretty much every time I am in snow deeper than a couple of inches and the brand I use most is Outdoor Research. Before I get into my personal review, here is some information from the Outdoor Research website.


$89 usd


S, M, L, XL, XXL


Durable BioThane® Instep Strap
Abrasion-Resistant Cordura® at Inner Leg and Boot
Abrasion-Resistant Lower Boot Lined with Packcloth
Double Stitched Front Closure
Reinforced Boot Lace Hooks
Hook and Loop Front Closure
Buckle Top Hem Closure


bluesign® approved, GORE-TEX 3L, 100% Nylon, 70D Plain Weave Upper Leg Panel, Cordura® 2L, 100% Nylon,, 1000D Woven Foot Panel, 100% Nylon, 420D Packcloth Lining With PU Coating






Shoe Size Range*

Small – Men size 4-7
Medium – Men size 7-9
Large – Men size 9-11
XL – Men size 11-13
XXL – Men size 13-15



*All information from

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide in the snow.
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide in the snow.

What I like

I really like gaiters and they really make my hikes in the winter much more enjoyable. Here are what I like specifically about the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter Wide.


The most important part of a gaiter is how well it keeps you dry. The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters are made with Gore-Tex which make them extremely lightweight but also provide a great amount of waterproofing. As long as you have these gaiters attached right you are not going to have to worry about getting wet from snow.

I have been standing in about a foot of snow and never have had an issue with snow getting down into my boot with these gaiters on. Also, during the times that I post-hole past the top of the gaiters, the fit of the wide prevent any snow from getting caught between my pants and the gaiters. It is a really nice system that works in protecting from all snow in the winter and keeps your legs and boots dry.

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide plowing through the snow.
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide plowing through the snow.


I think the most overlooked aspect of gaiters is how they can help to keep you warm by providing an extra layer of wind protection on those cold winter days. If you are out in the winter you should already have a wind blocking top layer but sometimes that extra layer to cover your lower legs is priceless.

The OR Crocodile Gaiters do a great job of blocking the wind but are also breathable. This is a really important fact. If you have gaiters that aren’t breathable that can lead to your legs sweating and running down into your sock causing your foot to get cold and wet. While warmth is really important while hiking in winter, the breathable layers help to maintain body temps by avoiding excessive sweating and moisture to get trapped. That is why having gaiters like these that are both breathable and block the wind is so important.

Taking a break in my Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter Wide.
Taking a break in my Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter Wide.


They finally fit! It is so important to have a piece of gear, like a gaiter, that fits properly. Especially when it comes to safety and protection. More on this below!

What I don’t Like

While I think the Outdoor Research Gaiters are some of the best around they will take away my blogger card if I don’t find something that I don’t like. This one is simple to me and it is no fault of theses gaiters. Also, it is an overall observation on gaiters and not the Wide version but more on that later.

As a bigger hiker, I have bigger legs than most. My calf muscles are especially bulky and that makes it so that every other pair of gaiters that I try don’t really fit over my calves. That leaves me with two options. Get low gaiters that only cover my ankles which is ok in small amounts of snow but I tend to hike in areas where the snow is measured in feet. I can also just wear gaiters that aren’t sealed on the top portion of my legs because they don’t fit around my calf.

I have been using gaiters that don’t fit right and I end up not having the velcro sealed around the upper portion of my legs. This causes the gaiters to not fit tightly, slide down my leg, and also allows snow to come in the open seal and collect between the gaiter and my pant which is not ideal. This has been a challenge no matter what kind of gaiter that I wear, until now.

Wide Gaiters

I was sent a pair of Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters but this time they were a wide fit. It was like night and day! Not only did the gaiter fit but I actually had to tighten it and not just set it to the widest setting! It was a completely different experience being able to have a normal fitting gaiter and not have to worry about punching through the snow a bit because I knew I would be protected. What a game changer!

For those of us who are a little bit bigger it is always a challenge to find gear that fits. When we can find something it just makes us feel more comfortable and more welcomed on the trail. When it comes to gear like gaiters, it really goes a long way to helping us be protected and feeling safer as well so I am very excited that Outdoor Research came out with these gaiters and now more people can enjoy the outdoors in the winter.

The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter Wide can actually fit my calf!
The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiter Wide can actually fit my calf!

Video of the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide

I have put together a quick video about my thoughts on these OR Gaiters. If you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is free to subscribe and you will be updated at all the new content.

Wrap up of the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Wide

I love gaiters. They are a super important part of hiking in the winters or in the snow. I really liked the OR Crocodile Wide Gaiters. Not only do they have the typical outstanding performance of OR gaiters but they fit bigger folks. This is so important. Now that a more diverse group of body styles are making their way onto the trail it is important to have gear to fit.

I was really excited to get my hands on this pair of wide gaiters. It makes hiking in the snow so much easier and much more enjoyable. Not having to worry about snow getting into my boots allows me to really focus on the hike. Check out the OR line of gaiters. If you are a hefty hiker like me, first, good for you, and second get a pair of the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters in the wide. I think you will really enjoy them.

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