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Relive App

The Relive App for Tracking Adventures

When it comes to hiking, biking, or really any type of outdoor adventure, it is important to have a tracking app to keep you on the trail and safe. There are a ton out there but I have found a new one that is really cool and wanted to share my experience with you. The Relive App has some amazing features that can take any outdoor adventure from good to great! Let me tell you a bit more about the Relive App.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Relive and I have received compensation for writing and posting it.

The Relive App Logo

*TLDR: The Relive App is a freemium app that has a ton of great features on the free version to track your activities. The premium version unlocks more potential, especially with social media posting and you can now try the premium version for free for 30 days using my custom link here:

Finding a Hike

Whether you are on your couch at home or traveling around the world the Relive app has you covered when it comes to finding your next adventure. The app uses your location to suggest trails and parks that are nearby. Each suggestion I have seen comes with a 3D animated map so you know what you are up against. Plus a road map, a chance to get directions, and a breakdown of the elevation profile of the hike. A great way to find the exact hike you are looking for no matter where you are.

A screen grab of local area hikes on the Relive App.
Nearby hikes are easy to find on Relive

Navigating on Trail

A tracking app is only as good as its ability to track your progress and keep you on the trail and safe! The Relive app tracking function follows each step of a hike in real-time. While I was doing my initial testing with the app, I ran it at the same time as other tracking apps that I have used in the past. The Relive App is as accurate as I have seen on real-time tracking. Every time I look down at the map I know exactly where I am on the trail.

Recording your progress through the Relive App.

Tracking and navigating might not seem that important when you are hiking on a small neighborhood trail but I have taken the Relive App out on snow-covered trails where the trail couldn’t even be seen. It kept me right where I needed to be and more importantly, allowed me to find my way back to the car nice and safe.

Tracking is easy on a hike, run, or bike adventure with Relive.
Tracking is easy on a hike, run, or bike adventure with Relive.

Get Social with the Relive App

Is it really an adventure if you don’t post about it on Social Media? Of course not. Social Media has made every hike a chance to show the world every step, rock, and peak of your adventure! Relive is really designed with social media in mind and offers some of the easiest options to post high-quality content with the push of a button!

The Stats Post on the Relive App

The first and simplest post you can do with the Relive App is the Stats Post. I have been in competitions with friends where we are all keeping track of our mileage. This is a perfect way to show off on your socials that you are putting the work in!

A social media post with just the stats from a hike.
A Stats Social Media Post from Relive.

Photo and Stats post with Relive

The next most popular post around is the post with that perfect image from your day on the trail along with the day’s stats. This way you can show the work you put in on the same post that you are showing the rewards you got from all that work! Again, Relive does the work and you can post this with a simple push of a button.

A Social Media Post of the Stats and a photo from a hike on Relive.
A Social Media Post of the Stats and a photo from a hike on Relive.

The Route Tracker Post with Relive

Another popular post is the route tracker. This one adds the stats of your hike and a still image of the route that you took. Well, Relive took this one a step further. Not only do they have the stats and route but they put a nice little animation together to give it a little more pizazz.

2D Tracking Post for Social Media from Relive

If you like this animation you haven’t seen anything yet! What really separates Relive from the competition is the videos you don’t see every day but are as simple as hiking and pushing a single button on Relive. After all, video is the most important part of social media these days.

Video Killed the Radio Star…or at least still pictures!

My absolute favorite part about the Relive App are the videos that it creates almost immediately when the hike is done. We have seen people who post pictures from their hike. Relive can do that. Others post stills of the map that they just finished. Relive can do that. Some people even post two-dimensional maps and guess what, Relive can do that too. But how many people have been able to post three-dimensional maps of your hike with the photos embedded? Not many! But now anyone can post amazing 3D maps with photos directly from the Relive App!

The 3D Social Media animated map from Relive.

The videos can incorporate horizontal or vertical photos and even short videos that you take on your hikes. That way you can make the perfect recap post on Reels or TikTok by using the vertical orientation or if you write a blog or want to incorporate it into a full-length YouTube style video you can use the horizontal orientation.

Again the coolest part is that the Relive App does all the work for you! Just record your hike or adventure. Take a few pictures or videos along the way and the Relive App will create the video for you. Then posting is as easy as tapping a button and watch it upload to your favorite social media platform.

Challenge Yourself and Your Friends

I am very motivated by competition and challenges. If I can’t “win” something I am much less likely to give it my all. With the Relive App you can compete on every adventure with their Challenges. The challenges can either be done by yourself, against your own goals, or you can invite your friends to join the challenge and track your progress against your friend group. Nothing is better than a little bragging rights when it comes to challenging your friends! You can even earn badges by completing the challenges so you can fill up your virtual trophy case one challenge at a time!

How to Sign up for the Relive App

You can sign up for the Relive App in the Android or IOS stores. If you found this article helpful I would love it if you used my special link to sign up and get a free 30 day trial of Relive. Here is the link

There is a free version of the app that gets you most of the features but some of the more advanced features are unlocked when you sign up to the premium version of Relive. Just a small monthly fee to unlock the entire power of the Relive app!

If you are looking for a way to keep yourself motivated and enjoy the outdoors even more, the Relive app might be perfect. Give it a shot and see how much you love it. Once again, use this link for a free 30 day trial to sign up and start using the Relive App today:

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