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The Cow Eatery – Morrison

The Cow Eatery was open and had a perfect set up for social distancing with a walk up window for orders and another walk up for pick up. I stopped by this one after my hike at Corwina Park/Panorama Peak.

It was an early relatively short hike so I was able to order breakfast, the greatest meal of them all! I got their “famous” breakfast burrito and let me tell you it did not disappoint. The green chili had a kick to it but not too much spice and I really enjoyed the flavor. It even accomplished a feat as odd as me running a marathon, I couldn’t finish it in one sitting and had to take the rest home. Now that is definitely no one bite burrito.

Couldn’t eat inside because of Covid precautions so the picture is actually from the back of my car where I ate. If you are in Morrison give these guys a shot.

Breakfast burrito from the Cow Eatery in Morrison, Colorado

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