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Corwina Park/Panorama Peak

Distance2.93 mi
Elevation Gain479 ft
My Time1 hr 25 min
Closest TownMorrison
Food NearbyThe Cow

Corwina Park

This hike wasn’t long but was a bit challenging with a good amount of incline right at the beginning and again before the peak. Make sure you go to the second Corwina trail-head parking lot off of 74 to get to Panorama trail-head. There are only a few parking spots so I had to go back a second day to actually do the hike.

The hike starts by following a little stream in a wooded area. There are plenty of birch, maple, aspen Trees to look at while you get started before the trees open up and the trail gets a little rockier and little more verticle. Make sure you pause about 5000 times on your way up like I did because the peak will take whatever breath you have left away.

Two cool things happened on the way back to my car. First I saw some black squirrels (Pictured below) which I had to assume to be some sort of demonic spawn sent to monitor my progress. I had never seen a black squirrel before so it was cool/terrifying. The other cool thing was a saw what seemed to be a new kind of 4 legged really tall duck.

After the hike I took a trip down to Morrison and ate at The Cow Eatery. Check it out if you are in the area.

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