Reynolds Park-Eagle view trail

Had a great time today at Reynolds Park in Conifer but there were definite pros and cons to this hike. The biggest downside of this hike was the elevation gain. It is a short trail, just over a 4 mile loop, but you gain nearly 1000 feet in elevation while ascending. That means you are walking up a hill pretty much the entire first half of the hike. With a lot of hikes there are plenty of switch backs to lessen the impact of the elevation gain but I didn’t see much of that here. It was basically walk up a hill and walk down a hill. I would set this around a moderate difficulty level as the trail is well defined and easy to manage.

The pros really outweigh the difficulty though. The trail is short, you are following a trickle of a stream for most of the way up if you take my path. The end view is one of the best I have seen. Not only do you have the typical panoramic mountain views but there is probably 200 yards of view. This isn’t one of those views that 20 people are crowding around a small opening but plenty of room to enjoy it in peace. The best pro for me was that there weren’t many people on this hike at all. I think I saw a total of 7 people in the 2 hours I was there which was really nice. For reference the path I took was: Elkhorn- Oxen Draw – Eagle’s View – Ravens Roost – Elkhorn

I had company on this hike, here is today “last words”

Here is today’s gallery. I know a lot of the pictures look the same but I was just taken by the view…and I’m too lazy to edit.

After the hike I visited the Aspen Perk Cafe in Conifer. If you are in the area check them out.

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  1. I agree the views are spectacular and I liked that the trail seemed to go through a lot of trees. Looks like a beautiful day for a hike.

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