Country Road Cafe – Evergreen

When I was driving back from the Maxwell Falls Hike, I saw about 15 people standing around the front of the Country Road Cafe and new it had to be good. So I pulled over and cued up in front of the building. Everyone stood at least 10 feet away from each other and wore masks so all well there. I figured with that kind of line it had to be good and I sure wasn’t disappointed. I order the Gyro and curly fries and both were outstanding and worth the wait. The Gyro meat was seasoned really well and the tzatziki sauce came on the side so you could season to taste with that. I, of course, drowned mine. My only problem came from trying to eat in the back of my car. It got a little messy, a lettucefall if you will, but I didn’t let it go to waste. If you find yourself if Evergreen definitely give these guys a try. They are open 7:30a-1:30p so plan accordingly. Sorry again for the picture, still trying to master lighting in my hatchback.

A plate of curly fries and a gyro with fresh vegetables and gyro meat from the Country Road cafe in Evergreen

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