Wood Cellar Bar and Grill -Evergreen

I have to start by saying the people running the Wood Cellar Bar and Grill are the nicest people and I will explain why. Nobody ever accused the Fatman as being the sharpest marble in the shed and after my Bergen Peak hike I called in an order to the Wood Cellar and ordered “Laura’s Special”. I like to order the specials at the local places I go to after each hike and Laura’s sounded fine. Laura’s special is a Tasty Grilled chicken breast served with veggies. The fella on the phone sounded confused but accommodating when I asked to top mine with bacon and fries as the side.

See the Fatman thought it was a sandwich the whole time. When I showed up they were super nice and when I looked confused when he handed me the silverware and he looked confused looking at me ordering a plain grilled chicken breast, he offered to go back and grill up a bun for me. The result was an amazing chicken sandwich.

The chicken breast was grilled excellent and wasn’t dried out and seasoned exceptionally well. Anyone who reads this knows that grilled chicken isn’t the top of my list but I couldn’t put this down. It was absolutely delicious. who knows maybe they will add a bacon, chicken sandwich and name it the “fatman” special. I of course ate in the back of my car again so apologize for the picture quality. If you are ever in Evergreen, give these guys a shot!

A grilled chicken breast with bacon served with fries and celery and carrots by the Wood Cellar Bar and Grill in Evergreen

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  1. That chicken looks delicious, and the carrots and celery look so bright and fresh, making me hungry:)

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