Sit N Bull Saloon – Indian Hills

After I hiked at Meyer ranch it took me a little while to find a restaurant that was open. I had no cell signal to search and thought I might have to do a hike with no food! Then like an oasis in the dessert I saw the sign for the Sit N Bull Saloon. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and they brought it out to my car. This is one place I really wish I could have gone inside but Covid wouldn’t allow it. The outside just had a real cool vibe to it. Back to the burger. This burger had a bit of a char to it which reminded me of burgers just off the grill at a family barbecue. The bacon slices were very generously sized as well. All and all a good lunch and a place I am definitely going back to when I can go in and check the atmosphere. Once again I ate in the back of my car but I did try the food filter on my Samsung Galaxy 10 this time. If you are ever in the Indian Hills area give these guys a shot.

A bacon cheeseburger and fries from the Sit-N-Bull Saloon

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