Los Marcelos – Golden

After my hike in Golden Gate Canyon I was pretty hungry and was looking for a big meal. Thankfully I ran across Los Marcelos which was doing take out service. I ordered the beef fajitas which were probably big enough to split…or just big enough for the Fatman. The meat was grilled nicely and the veggies tasted really fresh. The fajitas came with the traditional sides of pico, sour cream, lettuce, guac, and refried beans which were all good. The meal came with 2 big tortilla’s which was the only thing I didn’t really like. I would have preferred 3 small fajitas, partially because I was eating in the back of my car. After half stuffing the 2 fajitas I ended up eating the rest with a fork which wasn’t bad. If you are ever in the Golden area, make sure you give these folks a shot.

Again, apologies for the picture taken in the back of my car.

steak fajitas and toppings in Styrofoam containers served from Los Marcelos restaurant in Golden, Colorado

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