Stampede Saloon and Eatery

After my hike at Curt Gowdy Sate Park I continued on my journey north and figured I would just grab something after Cheyenne. Surely there wouldn’t be a huge stretch of road north of Cheyenne that was desolate of all dining. Well of course there was. Then like an oasis in a desert I saw the sign for the Stampede Saloon in the small (population 212) town of Chugwater. I popped in and they couldn’t have been nicer. I ordered the special they had listed at the front which was fish and chips and I just had to order a side of the world famous Chugwater chili.

A cup of "Chugwater Chili"  There is cheese melting on the top of the cup.  The chili ships all over the world.

The chili was good. I had it served with Onions and Cheese on top. I was happy to see that it was an actual traditional red chili. Living in Colorado for awhile now I get used to people only serving the green chili. About half way through the chili, the fish and chips came out. The fish was fried really well. The breading was a golden brown and was soft but crisp if that makes sense. They even made their own chips. All in all it was a very good lunch.

Cole slaw on the left, Fresh made kettle chips in the center and fried fish filets on the right side of the plate.  Served by the Stampede Saloon in Chugwater

The only bit of advice I can give, that I wasn’t smart enough to heed myself, is that eating chili and cole slaw and then having to be in a car for another 6 hours is not always the best idea.

If you ever find yourself around Chugwater I would suggest that stop and check this place out. Also, they have a soda fountain that has been around since 1914! I’ll have to check that out the next time I’m around.

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