Cheyenne Crossing

Close to the Spearfish Falls, Roughlock Falls, and trail ’76 you can find Cheyenne Crossing if you are looking for a nice local spot full of flavor. The place was packed when we got there and there was a bit of a wait for a table. During the wait there is a nice little shop in the lobby that sold local products and souvenirs which helped pass the time. I was a bit surprised coming from Denver which still hadn’t opened up dine in and restaurants that there wasn’t really an effort at social distancing or wearing masks but each state is handling everything differently.

We got our seat and they were serving either breakfast or lunch. As a lover of good breakfast foods I decided to go with the Broken Arrow Ranch Eggs. This was 2 eggs covered with taco toppings. They also said they were known for their biscuits and gravy so I had to order a half order of those as well

a very large spread. On the left plate biscuits and gravy.  On the right plate, split toast on either edge. In the middle the Broken arrow ranch eggs. Eggs with taco meat, black olives, onions, cheese salsa and sour cream. Served by Cheyenne Crossing restaurant

Where to begin. Well I plowed right at the eggs. Yes there were eggs under the Taco meat, salsa, black olives, onions, cheese and sour cream. I almost forgot about them until I cut in for a bite and the over easy spilled onto the plate. The eggs were good, like eating a giant shell-less taco but the biscuits were dynamite. There was something in the gravy that gave it a sweet and savory mix of flavors that matched perfectly. The biscuits were small but I couldn’t get enough of the gravy.

I definitely needed this after getting worn down on the ’76 trail. If you are ever exploring the area this might be a good place to stop to do a little refueling.

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