Scooter’s Smokehouse and Grill – Conifer, CO

After my hike at Staunton State Park I made it over Scooter’s Smokehouse and Grill on the suggestion I got from some local people I met on the trail. Bbq was sounding really good after a 15 mile hike! Scooter’s was still doing curbside and you could order over the phone or online. They did have a menu posted on their front door which was really helpful. I order the two meat platter and got brisket and sausage with a side of baked beans.

The brisket was trimmed really well. There was a thin line of fat for flavor but so much meat. I have gone to places that were almost 50 percent fat in the brisket which is too much for me. The smoke char/crust was really flavorful and had a strong smokey flavor to me but not overpowering. The brisket was pretty good sized as well. I needed to take it home and finish it for dinner. I got the spicy sauce which was tasty and not super spicy.

They told me that they only had spicy sausage when I ordered and I told them that was fine as I like spicy food. I have to tell you they were not lying about the spice. This sausage had some good kick to it. The spice was a bit delayed and didn’t take away from the flavor which was good as the sausage had a good flavor when it wasn’t trying to clear my sinus.

Brisket, sausage and baked beans from Scooters smokehouse and grill in Conifer, Colorado.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have to get back on 285 North to head back to Denver you will have to turn left out of the parking lot. That was a bit of a challenge on a Friday night with traffic being pretty busy. I also wish they would have given me some sort of packaging I could use as a plate. They wrapped the meat in foil which would be great to take home and keep it warm, but it made it a bit tricky to eat in the car that way.

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