Cabin Creek – Georgetown

After the Herman Gulch hike it was time to find some food. The closest town we saw on the way up was Georgetown and we decided to head that way and found the Cabin Creek Brewery. The brewery is new and was open for dine-in and we got a seat on the patio. The view alone was worth it.

The outdoor patio at Cabin Creek Brewery has a view of a lake and the mountains.

The brewery had a full assortment of custom brews to choose from but I stuck to the food today. The FMLT Intern ordered a Philly cheese steak but I went with what seemed like the house special which was the “mountain burger”. The mountain burger was a combination of bison, elk, venison, wild boar, and antelope. I wanted at least one flavor that was familiar so I topped it with some Swiss cheese and Bacon. Here is the food.

Here is what I can tell you about the Philly. It looked good. The intern ate it so fast I think he was finished before I even put the bun on the top of my burger. He did say that it was really good. As for my burger. The mix of flavors were good but you couldn’t really get a single flavor. Certain bites tasted a bit more gamey then other bites but it was a flavorful burger. The fries were also delicious. They were the large steak fry style and had a thin crispness to the outside with a nice soft inside that seemed to melt on the tongue. The fry seasoning was a little heavy on the salt which was fine for me after, especially after the hike, but may be too salty for some. I was very happy to see the pickle on the plate. There is nothing better than a pickle when you are a bit dehydrated after a hike.

Overall it was a really nice experience. Sitting outside was nice even though we had been outside for last 4 hours. There was something very relaxing about the lake and the mountain view on the patio. The food was exactly what was needed after a hike. I didn’t try the beer but heard that the “slinger” tasted really good but the intern still wasn’t in a sharing mood.

If you are ever around Georgetown give them a shot. Also, a reminder that I know have an interactive map so you can see what restaurants are around the hikes. You can find the map here.

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