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Echo lake Lodge – Mount Evans

The Echo Lake Lodge serves as the gift shop for Echo Lake and Mount Evans and has some fun memorabilia and nick-nacks in the gift shop. It also has a restaurant. After my hike to Chicago Lakes I was really glad to see a place to eat so close to the the end of the hike.

The building itself is really cool as it is an old log cabin style building and was just full of charm. As an added bonus a group of humming birds were playing around the window and that was all the entertainment I needed.

I asked the waiter what they were known for and he mentioned two items on the menu that were really popular, the bison chili and the trout. Well it was a little too hot for me to get the chili and the trout sounded a little too healthy. He did tell me that they have been making fresh pies for 41 years so I figured that could substitute for my “house special” order. I decided to start with the pulled pork sandwich and tater tots.

Pulled pork and tater tots from The Echo Lake Lodge.

The pork was juicy and the sauce had a really nice flavor to it. It had a bit of a spice/vinegar after taste to it that gave it the kick I enjoyed. The bread was actually really good. The sandwich was served on a ciabatta bun. The tater tots were a bit bland, but aren’t all tater tots? I ended up having to use 4 packets of ketchup on them. I was kinda rushing through this meal because I had also ordered a slice of apple pie.

Apple pie from the Echo Lake Lodge

They offered vanilla or cinnamon ice cream to go with the pie but I declined. A decision I continue to regret. The pie was amazing. The apples were fresh and huge chunks. The sauce had a really nice cinnamon or nutmeg flavor to it. Whatever it was it perfectly complimented the pie. Very, very good pie.

The Lodge has some cool atmosphere, good food and some amazing pie. If you are around the Mt. Evans area you should check them out.

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