I Tried and Lost and that’s OK

I really wish my mantra was “Too Big To Fail”. That has always worked when trying to summit a buffet or extra large pizza but today it didn’t work while I tried to climb Mt. Sniktau. Sniktau was supposed to be my first 13er and after several attempts thwarted by weather I had my chance.

First, I’m an idiot and went on the wrong trail and finished another nice hill first but then tried Sniktau after that. It did not go well. The hike is pretty vertical and about half a mile up the wind decided to make an appearance. The wind was pushing my 230 pound body around like I was a teddy bear on a swing. This doesn’t usually happen as the anchor of a backside that I possess usually keeps me relatively grounded.

I felt like Sisyphus from Greek Mythology but instead of pushing a boulder I was pushing my belly up a hill. The wind also made it harder to breath. I say harder because the 30% grade at over 12,000 feet already made it hard enough.

A steep hill to climb on Mt. Sniktau.

My mantra has been, “Screw It, I’m Trying” – It has served me well so far and I continue to use it when I struggle or when I don’t think I can finish a hike. Today it was replaced with “Screw this, I tried”, and that is OK.

If it was easy I’m sure everyone would do this and it is important to know your limits. My limits are apparently 50 mph winds, 2 pizza’s, and 41 strips of bacon at the hotel breakfast service. Limits are limits for a reason and other than 12 items or less at the grocery store they shouldn’t be ignored.

View from as high as I got on Sniktau mountain on my first attemp.

It is good to push the limit, it is good to test the limits, it is good to know the limits. The “Screw it, I’m Trying” mantra is about acknowledging I haven’t gotten to the limit yet. It is about knowing the benefits of the trail to the couch and also of when the couch is the best choice. The couch, I found, is the best choice when you have to dress like this at the end of July.

Trying to hike in July with a stocking cap, winter face mask and jacket on.

I failed. It happens. It is not going to stop me. I’m going to try Sniktau again soon and I’m going to beat it. Maybe not the next time or the time after but I will summit sooner or later. Like Sisyphus’ boulder, my belly will roll back down the hill and I will try to push it back up again and again because even though I tried and failed once, “Screw It, I’m trying” again.

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  1. Pretty sure you’re still in the record books for worst loss in the state wrestling championships, so this is nothing!

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