Buffalo Rose – Golden

After another trip to Golden Gate State Park and the Snowshoe Hare trail, I was ready to come back to Golden to grab some lunch. Downtown Golden was really busy with several people eating on outdoor patio’s or floating down the river on tubes. It was really nice to see so many people enjoying the weekend.

I was drawn to the Buffalo Rose because I could hear they had a live band entertaining the brunch crowd and figured I would give them a shot.

The Exterior of Buffalo Rose on the corner of Washington street on the main strip in Golden, Colorado

The historic building on the corner of Washington and 12th was really busy with a mix of indoor and outdoor seating. I got a seat on the inside right under a nice historic marker explaining some of the history of the building that has been around since 1859!

They were serving brunch and I decided to go with the Breakfast Burger. This seemed like the best of both world. A burger with added bacon and egg to cover the brunch section. I went with the egg over medium but it still had plenty of run to it to coat the sandwich.

I really enjoyed the this burger. The egg made it messy but the flavor of the beef and bacon still came through. I used the fries to soak up the rest of the yolk that ran and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The building is historic and the food is really good. Riley was an excellent server as well. Overall a very nice experience with the added bonus of the live music playing. If you find yourself downtown Golden, give the Buffalo Rose a shot!

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