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Covered Wagon – Nederland

A little over 10 miles from Brainard Lake Recreation Area is the town of Nederland which has a nice selection of restaurants near the downtown area. I found what I was looking for in the Covered Wagon just a block from some parking near city hall.

The first thing I noticed with the Covered Wagon was the amazing olde timey decor centered around this super cool grandfather clock. They also had a nice out door patio with some picnic tables set up if you are more into the sunlight.

The cool olde time decor of the covered wagon with a large grandfather clock in the middle of the room.

For those of you who have read the blog you know that I can’t resist a fried a mushroom and that is the first thing that I zeroed in on when they brought out the menu.

These mushrooms were more on the artistic side than the usual mound you would see at a sports bar. To start you only get 6 and they are a little bit bigger. The breading was done really well with enough flavor to stand alone but it didn’t overpower the taste of the mushroom. I enjoyed the flavor and texture but could have used a few more. Also, zero exploding burning mouth incidents so that was always a plus.

Fried mushrooms with a blue cheese dressing.

Next was the specialty item. Today on the menu was the the Red Chili. This was billed as Tad’s award winning chili. Not sure who Tad was but I figured I would give the chili a shot.

The first thing that was obvious was the full jalepeno that was in the chili! Despite that warning the chili wasn’t overwhelmingly hot but did have a nice spice. There was a ton of ground meat in the chili. Every bite was full of meat and the consistency leaned on the thicker side which was nice. The fresh onions on top were also a nice little flavor boost on each bite.

A bowl of chili with a full Jalapeno sticking out of it and melted cheese.

As I was about to leave I was tempted by some home made German apple strudel. I’m glad I turned around and sat back at the bar for this one. The strudel was warm in the center with a nice crisp crust. The sweetness was countered well with creamy vanilla ice cream. A really nice sweet treat to finish off the meal.

A piece of German Apple Strudel with a spoonful of Vanilla Ice Cream

I got to the Covered Wagon right at 11 during the week just as they were opening so I was the only one in the restaurant. I got to spend extra time talking to my server and really enjoyed the conversation and the entire environment. If you find yourself in Nederland, give them a shot.

I have added this restaurant and all the restaurants to my interactive map page you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a restaurant for me to try or any comments feel free to email me at or you can connect on any of the below social media platforms.

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