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Bon Ton’s Cafe – Old Colorado City (CO. Springs)

After hiking at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Colorado Springs, it was time to grab some lunch. I thought I had the perfect place picked out but I missed the turn. Then as I was trying to turn around I ran into the nicest little area that was dubbed as Old Colorado City.

Old Colorado City had a strip of stores for souvenirs and tee shirts and an ice cream shop and some restaurants. It was a really a nice little area just a block off of Cimarron and if I hadn’t gotten lost I never would have found it!

As me an the FMLT Intern took the short walk around the strip we zeroed in on the Bon Ton’s Cafe which was open and serving both breakfast and lunch. Right off the bat we knew it was going to be a cool place when they brought us out a newspaper that doubled as the menu and a take home keep sake.

The cool newspaper that serves as the menu for Bon Ton's Cafe.  The paper can double as a take home keep sake.

In my tradition of trying to order a specialty item I asked the server what Bon Ton’s was known for and she said anything with their green chili amongst other items. As someone who has never shied away from some green chili I figured I was game to give it a shot.

I ordered the beef chimichanga which came smothered in the home made green chili and was topped with lettuce and tomato. I decided to go with the medium heat pork green chili but they did offer a hot chicken version as well as a mild option.

The chimi was really good. It looked big on the plate and I can tell you it was completely full of meat. The shell was crisp but light as well making for a really nice meal. The chili had a nice spice to it without being overbearing. It also tasted really light if that makes sense. It complimented the meal really nicely. I would definitely get this again but I think I would try the spicy chili next time.

The beef chimichanga smothered in home made green chili with lettuce and tomato on the top.

Since I decided to let the intern out of the office for the day I figured they should be allowed to eat as well. She picked the bacon turkey and cheese melt and got the onion rings on the side. The sandwich looked delicious with the toasted bread and the big pieces of bacon. She seemed to enjoy it as well!

She told me she was a connoisseur when it came to onion rings and these rings definitly passed muster in her book. She even shared one with me. What I noticed was there was a ton of breading and it almost tasted like a hushpuppy but with a nice onion flavor.

The turkey bacon cheese melt  Served with a side of very large onion rings.

So by taking a wrong turn I ended up in having a really good meal. I’m sure there is a lesson there somehow but I’ll come to it at another time. I really enjoyed my time at Bon Ton’s from the fun menu and the outdoor seating to the nice cafe style meals. If you find yourself in Old Colorado City in the Colorado Springs area give them a shot.

I have added this restaurant and all of my restaurants on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have any suggestions for restaurants for me to try feel free to email me at or follow me on any of the below social media platforms.

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