Parkside Cafe – Evergreen

After my hike at the Beaver Brook Watershed it was still pretty early but I saw a sign for a cafe and you know I can’t pass that up. The Parkside Cafe was just off of 74 in Evergreen and had tables outside and a full parking lot so that was enough for me.

The first thing that jumped off the menu to me was that they had a corned beef and eggs but it wasn’t corned beef hash. This might have been the first place I have ever gone where they did it this way so I had to give it a shot.

I am a huge fan of the hash version of this meal so I was a little skeptical but the food looked great so I dove right into the corned beef. It was really good. There was just a little bit of fat on each piece which added to a really nice flavor. It was made fresh and just as good as any St. Patrick’s special I have had.

The eggs were really soft and fluffy. They pretty much melted in mouth with each bite. It was like I was eating cotton candy.

The potato’s were like little french fry nuggets. Small squares fried to a crisp outside and still nice and soft on the inside.

I was really impressed with the new plating of traditional corned beef hash. Everything was just right and the flavors all complimented each other really well. If you find yourself in Evergreen give the Parkside Cafe a shot.

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