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The Shaggy Sheep

After my hike at Kenosha Pass to see the leaves changing I made it back down 285 to Grant, Colorado where I found the Shaggy Sheep. The Shaggy Sheep calls itself a “casual mountain cookhouse” but I was sold from the front porch and just overall look. It had that old mountain cabin feel to it. The inside was decorated in the same style but it was super crowded so I didn’t get any pictures.

Because it was so crowded I ended up ordering my food to go and I was offered a chance to sit on the porch but I didn’t think I was skilled enough to eat on a rocking chair so I made the executive decision to eat in the car like the old days.

There is also a large outdoor area with picnic tables but the seats were all full so I didn’t check that area out too much.

The Food

To the food! There was a pretty small lunch menu with 5 sandwich/taco variations and a couple of soups and a few salads. I went with the brisket sandwich and also got the 8 oz green chili because in Colorado we have to try everyone’s green chili.

The green chili was different than I have had before. It was almost like a green chili soup. There was a bunch of sliced green chili’s and onions in a watery broth. Most of the green chili I have had so far has been almost a blend of the chili’s and were thicker.

While it was different I really liked it. It was really flavorful and like I said it was more of a soup.

The brisket was served with coleslaw and barbecue sauce on it and was also really good. It came with a big bun and for the first time eating barbecue I think I ate more with the bun than fell out.

The mix of coleslaw and sauce made the sandwich pretty sweet and the meat it self was firm but soft if that makes sense. It kept it’s shape but melted when it hit the mouth. I enjoyed it.

I also really liked the fries as they seemed to be hand cut and had a real nice potato flavor. They were also sturdy like an old school fry before everything started to be thin cut.

Overall a really nice meal. I really wish I would have taken a picture inside because the decor was amazing and there was just a really good vibe to the place. I guess you will just have to try it yourself the next time you are in Grant!

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