Highside Brewing – Frisco

After a really challenging hike at Meadow Creek I needed to get some food and just down the road in Frisco I found Highside Brewing. I was immediately impressed with the views from the patio. Highside offers home made brew and large assortment of BBQ to snack on.

I decided to order the brisket sandwich, although I was intrigued by the pork belly burnt ends. The brisket sandwich came with a mound of jalapeno/garlic coleslaw and some house made barbecue sauce as well.

What I really liked about the sandwich was that even with the flavorful sauce and slaw you could really taste the smokey flavor of the meat. Its never fun when all you can taste is the sauce so this was nice to have the flavor of the meat come through.

The sauce was sweet but not overwhelming. I thought the slaw would have a little more kick to it with the jalapeno but it was pretty mild and any garlic flavor was drowned out by the sweetness of the sauce and slaw.

I got a side of baked beans and these were killer. There was a nice tangy sweetness to it and this had the spicy kick that I was looking for in the slaw. The kick was a bit on the backend but was really good. There also seemed to be some onion in the beans and overall they were really good.

Highside wasn’t serving the ribs for lunch, as those are dinner only, but if they were as good as the brisket I’m sure they would be top notch. They also seemed to have a really nice beer list although I was too tired from the hike to give that a shot. If you find yourself in Frisco, give Highside a shot.

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