Windy City Pizza and Pub – Silverthorne

After a rough hike to the Willow Lakes near Silverthorne I needed to find a place to eat before the long ride home. Right near the I-70 entrance I found Windy City Pizza and I sure was happy that I did. Surprisingly I think this is the first pizza place I have visited!

I was told that the pizza was going to take about 15 minutes but after a 7 hour hike I needed something to hold me over. Windy City had Mozzarella Rolls on their menu which they said were their most famous item so I had to give them a try!

Basically cheese wrapped in bread with garlic sprinkled over so what is not to like. They also came with marinara sauce to dip. You could add some meat if you wanted but I went with the original.

The Mozzarella Rolls appetizer from Windy City Pizza.  6   Rolls with a  marinara dipping sauce.

These were absolutely amazing! They came out hot with the cheese a wonderful “gooey” texture that almost melted into the warm soft bread. The seasoning gave a richness and I enjoyed them very much.

I paced myself and only had a couple rolls because I still had a pizza coming (Yay for leftovers!). I ordered the White Room pizza which is one of their specialty pizza’s. The White Room is Italian Sausage, Roasted Red Peppers and Banana Peppers and cheese over a garlic ricotta white sauce.

The pizza also was really good. The peppers were extrememly flavorful and looked and tasted really fresh. I mean look at those colors! The sauce was also rich but not too garlicy. I really enjoyed the pizza as well and will continue to eat this meal for days!

Windy City Pizza also had a selection of sandwiches and salads as well as all sorts of pizza options. If you find yourself in Silverthorne you should give them a shot.

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