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The Skinny Taco – Bust

After hiking the Crags trail I was ready to find some food close by. I have to admit I did not stop that close to the Crags but I had passed this sign for The Skinny Taco a few times and always wanted to stop.

The simple sign saying TACO's sits above the door to the Skinny Taco.

Not only did the giant word TACOS peak my interest but it was the sign above it that made me search for an explanation.

The sign above the Skinny Taco claims that Bust, Colorado is Colorado's Newest and Smallest town.  Elevation 7500. Population 2

Bust, Colorado…Population TWO. This is a great story. I did some internet sluething and could only find this article, but apparently Bust, Colorado is growing!

When I popped into Skinny Taco and talked to the owner he told me that there was a couple that bought the building a while ago and the official population went from zero to two. The owner told me that with as much time as they spend there it probably should say population 4.

The Skinny Taco was a really cool place with a chalk drawn menu on one wall. A few tables inside, along with a small gift shop. One of the fun little nuggets I found out was that from Wednesday through Saturday they do Mexican style taco’s and on Sunday and Monday they do Korean taco’s so you really have no excuse not to go at least twice.

After spending a long few minutes exploring the entire town it was time to settle down for some food. For starters they offer chips and salsa, guac, or queso. They also have esquites as an appetizer and I will talk about that later.

I tried the salsa and the queso. To start off with the chips are amazing. They are home made and have a nice thick crunch that is perfect for dipping. The salsa was a green creamy style that was thick and easily scoopable with the chip. it had a sweetness to it with a nice spicy kick at the end.

The queso was also really good. It was creamy and smooth and topped with spices and cilantro that gave it a nice kick.

For the main menu The Skinny Taco offers 4 variety of taco. Carne Asada, Carnitas, Pollo, or Vegetable. You can also mix and match which is what I did and went with a Carne Asada and a Carnitas.

The first thing I noticed was how much meat was in each taco. I could barely close the tortilla around it to take a bite. The Carne Asada had chopped steak that had a nice sauce and spice on it and was cooked with onions. A generous portion of Cilantro complimented the rich meat. It was really good.

The Carnitas tasted like they were slow cooked and a bit of a softer shreeded meat but still in a rich sauce with some excellent spice and it tasted really good as well.

A Carnita and Asada taco from the skinny taco

I told you I would get back to the Esquites. The taco’s came with a small side of this heavenly concoction and wish I would have ordered a whole batch. They were described to me as grilled corn and diced jalepeno’s in a cream sauce. I can just tell you that they tasted like little sweet kernals of amazing. It sounded so simple but they were great and the perfect bit of sweet to go with the savory taco’s.

The fella’s there were also really cool to talk to. The owner/chef came out and talked for a bit and he was mixing all of his spices in a big tub while we were talking. If you have seen this place on the side of the road and haven’t stopped, its time to make it a destination.

They are located on 24 between Manitou Springs and Woodland park.

If you find yourself near the town with a population of two, make sure you give them a shot. It was a great experience. I have added this restaurant and all of the restaurants I have been to on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a restaurant or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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3 thoughts on “The Skinny Taco – Bust”

  1. Places like that usually have the BEST food and atmosphere. I’ll have to seek them out next time I’m in the area.

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